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Interior Painting

Best Tips to Brighten Your Home’s Interior

Have you been feeling stressed, tired, cranky, or just in a gloomy mood all the time? This may be a good time to look at your home and all the sources of natural lighting. It has been proven that people […]


Professional Commercial Painters Can Help Your Business Stand Out

If you are an owner of a business, you will do anything and everything you can to advertise and attract new customers while keeping your loyal customers interested. This can include quite a few tactics, which includes different kinds of […]

Commercial Painting

Protect Your Commercial Property in Indianapolis With Waterproofing & Sealing

Protect Your Commercial Property in Indianapolis There are quite a few reasons why you should seal & waterproof your commercial property. There’s the most obvious one.  Any property, whether it is commercial or not, should be waterproofed and sealed to avert damage […]

Painting Cost

How Much Does It Really Cost to Paint Your Indianapolis Home?

Cost To Paint Home If you are thinking about painting your home, then you will want to know about the cost. There are many factors that affect the cost to paint your home. These factors will vary from which part of […]

Homeowners Painting Interior

Winter Painting Tips for Indianapolis Homeowners

We are in the middle of winter, this means that most homeowners put off any outdoor home improvement projects until the warmer weather returns. Colder temperatures between 35 degrees and 50 degrees Fahrenheit can absolutely wreak havoc on any exterior […]

Old Paint Cans

When is the Best Time to Throw Away Used Old Paint Cans?

Are you unsure about what to do about the old paint cans that are cluttering your garage or basement? If you follow our plan of action to either dispose of or condense the surplus of paint, you can gain back […]

Indoor Lighting

How Indoor Lighting can Affect our Emotions

How indoor lighting affects our emotions It might surprise you to know that eating a spicy sauce in a room with bright lights will make it feel spicier. This is how powerful lighting is on human perceptions. Many studies have been […]

Bathroom Painting

How to Protect Your Bathroom’s New Paint Job

Because a bathroom is one of the most frequently used rooms in a home, you want to make sure that any paint job you put on the walls is meant to protect and enhance the looks of the room. Therefore, […]

Repainting Interior Walls

How Long Should You Wait Before Repainting Interior Walls?

The quality of the paint on your interior walls can differ depending on dozens of different factors. The quality of the paint used for repainting interior walls is probably the most important factor. How often you need to repaint is […]

Exterior Painting

5 Trends Shaping Today’s new Housing Market

5 trends shaping today’s new housing market The housing market has been on a full rebound after dismal performance in the years leading to 2014. The U.S. Census Bureau and Department of Housing and Urban Development reported a 12.4% rise […]

Interior House Painters

Should You Paint Behind Refrigerators and Light Switches?

What Should You Paint Behind? The home renovation world is actually somewhat split on Should You Paint Behind Refrigerators and Light Switches. There is a general consensus that you need to paint behind your couch, chairs, and even bookshelves that […]

Kitchen Cabinets Painting

Can I Paint My Kitchen Cabinets?

Can I Paint My Kitchen Cabinets? If you decide to ask someone who doesn’t show much interest in painting kitchen cabinets, he or she may just give a basic answer such as: “Sure, go ahead. They’re your cabinets.” Hopefully, the […]

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