Cost To Paint Interior of a Home


See the break-down of how we price our home interior painting projects in Indianapolis. The example pricing below can work for your bedroom, living room, kitchen, entry, etc. You can get a good idea of how much it will cost to paint your home’s interior. Flora Brothers Painting educates, as best as we can, on the cost to paint before we step foot in your home. There can be big variations in costs between painting companies. We always ask that you make sure you are comparing exact estimates before selecting your painter. Some painters only include one coat of paint or use a lower grade interior paint. Flora Brothers always uses premium interior paints for PPG Paints & Sherwin Williams. Visit to make sure you are hiring a painter with the best reviews, testimonials & integrity. We service Danville, Avon, Brownsburg, Plainfield, Mooresville, Zionsville, Greenwood & surrounding cities.

Small Interior Bathroom Painting 6 x 6

*Wall Painting 190 Sq Ft $285.00
Ceiling Painting 36 Sq Ft $75.00
Door and Casing Per Side $50.00
Baseboard 24 Ln Ft $35.00

Small Interior Room Painting 10 x 12

*Wall Painting 350 Sq ft $375.00
Ceiling Painting 120 Sq ft $130.00
Door and Casing Per Side $50.00
Baseboard 44 Ln Ft $55.00


Medium Interior Room Painting 12 x 15

*Wall Painting 430 Sq Ft $490.00
Ceiling Painting 180 Sq Ft $150.00
Door and Casing Per Side $50.00
Baseboard  54 Ln Ft $75.00


Large Interior Room Painting 15 x 20

*Wall Painting 560 Sq Ft $705.00
Ceiling Painting 300 Sq Ft $205.00
Door and Casing Per Side $50.00
Baseboard 70 Ln Ft $90.00

All Wall Surfaces are figured for 8′ high ceilings. If you have:

  • 10′ high ceilings then add 25%.
  • 12′ high ceilings then add 50%.
  • 14′ high ceilings then add 75%.

All prices include labor, a mid-grade paint, & minor drywall work (nail holes, dents, dings).

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