Cabinet Painting Pricing

How Much Does Cabinet Painting Cost?

The Cabinet Painting Process

  • Remove all doors, hardware, and accessories without damaging the kitchen’s most integral elements. This includes detaching all screws, hinges, handles, latches, and implements while simultaneously organizing them for streamlined reassembly after painting.
  • Clean all surfaces to account for years of grease buildup, steam accumulation, and food splatters. The cleaning solutions must feature fast-drying properties to avoid soaking any of the sensitive wooden elements.
  • Perform an extensive sanding exercise to remove old paint, enhance adhesion, and re-establish a proportional visage on all of the wooden surfaces.
  • Apply an effective primer or sealer to ensure a well-bonded, uniform finish coat. High-end primers and sealers establish a great base for semi-gloss, water-based applicants, which is why it’s often referred to as the most important step in the process.
  • Apply the final finish with a careful, systematic approach. You’ll probably need two or three coats to achieve a desirable final product.

Cost of Painting Your Cabinets

$95-$115 per door/drawer

This includes labor, materials, 2 coats of primer and finish.

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