Are There Different Types of Stains for Siding?

Are There Different Types of Stains for Siding?

Applying a stain to your siding can make it look unique to fit your individual style. There are so many stains on the market, and many wonder if there is a large variety of options to choose from that are meant specifically for siding.

Color Options and Types

There are so many colors to choose from, but above all, there are three common options that work well when painting siding.

  • Clear: If you like the color of the wood as it is, a clear stain is great for making it appear more glossy. Clear stains enhance the natural color while giving the siding a more polished look. This is a great low-maintenance option. You only need to reapply it once every two to three years.
  • Semi-Transparent: These stains are popular because they offer both protection and style. You will not have as many choices when it comes to colors, but these stains do offer some pigmentation to spruce up your siding.
  • Opaque: If you are looking for a stain that provides great color payoff, opaque is the way to go. This will provide a nice wash of color and performs similarly to regular paint you use on walls. There are also several different colors to choose from.

Pros and Cons

The easiest option if you are looking for convenience is a clear or semi-transparent stain. With these two, you do not need to do much prep work. As long as your siding is clean, you should be good to begin painting it on. Respectively, they last two to three years and then five to six years for the semi-transparent stain.

An opaque stain is your go-to for color. If you want to transform the look of your siding, choose an opaque stain. Another great benefit is that they can last up to 10 years without reapplication! Before you use an opaque stain on your siding, consider that you will have to completely sand down the surface if you want to change the color in the future.

Depending on how long you plan on keeping your siding the same and how much coverage you want, these three options should be suitable for any style you are going for. You can always start with a clear stain if you already enjoy the look and texture of your existing siding. If you want to change it in the future, you can apply a semi-transparent or opaque one.

If you want your home to have just a bit more curb appeal from the street, staining the siding is a great choice to make. It does not take much prep, and you do not have to be quite as careful as you would with traditional paint. Stains make your siding look great while protecting it from the elements at the same time. With staining, using a primer is not necessary. This means you can go through fewer steps to still achieve a great look for your home.

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