What’s the Best Floor System for a Brewery?

What’s the Best Floor System for a Brewery?

Operating a brewery comes with many decisions. From the selection of beer and cider you want to carry to the overall look of the space, you will need to take many things into consideration to make the place both functional and fun for your patrons. An often-overlooked element is what type of flooring to choose. This flooring must be durable because of all the foot traffic and potential spillage it could see. It should also appear stylish to fit in with the rest of your design. As you explore the options, keeping these tips in mind will help you pick the right type of flooring to fit all of your needs.


Above all, your floor system needs to be easy to keep looking clean and hygienic. In any type of establishment where people are going to be eating and drinking, this is a must in order to pass health inspections. The most common type of flooring to use in a brewery is epoxy and urethane mortar. This gives a sleek appearance while also providing an easy surface to disinfect.

Another benefit of this flooring is the safety that comes with it. These floors are designed to not be very slippery, especially when wet. This is important to prevent accidents from happening and also keep the waitstaff safe.

A lot goes on in a brewery. Aside from being open to the public, there is also a need for the flooring to be functional when it comes to the actual brewing process. There are certain USDA requirements that you need to keep in mind to pass opening inspections.


Keep in mind that you can select more than one flooring system for your brewery. Even though epoxy and urethane mortar is a great choice, it might not be quite as stylish as you hope. For the front of the house, there are other options that allow you to have more creative freedom.

Hardwood is beautiful and comes in a wide selection of colors and styles. While it is not ideal on its own, you can add a protective metallic epoxy coating on top to give it that glossy appearance. Much like the epoxy and urethane flooring, this will prevent any slippage.

This coating allows you to have virtually any kind of hardwood flooring you choose while giving it that extra stylish appearance. It lets you have functionality and style without having to worry about any type of maintenance in the future.

Keep in mind that your flooring is going to be at risk of getting scratched up. This is due to natural wear and tear in any public space. You need to make sure it is durable enough to sustain this while also maintaining its appearance. This is why a metallic epoxy coating provides more than just a glossy finish.

No matter what style you choose for your brewery, your flooring needs to be even. As long as you can maintain this evenness, you are going to create a great look for your brewery while making sure it is safe for the preparation and brewing processes as well as the customers in the front of the house.

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