Turn Your Basement From Drab Into Fab

Turn Your Basement From Drab Into Fab

Painting your basement is a great way to create a fabulous living space for your family. There are many different options for choosing a paint color and each one will impact how you perceive the room. Continue reading to learn how to turn your basement from drab into fab.

Paint Your Basement Walls White

White is a great color choice to brighten up your basement. Often, there isn’t much natural light in this part of the house, and the white can help by reflecting light and making the space feel larger.

White walls can be plain without any other color, so make sure that you choose some color for your furniture and other decor in the room. The overhead lighting will also help brighten the room a lot.

Blue Basement Walls

If you want to create a space that is calming and soothing, shades of blue are a great option. You can choose light blues to feel more relaxed and add light to the space, or a dark navy blue is rich and comforting.

If you choose darker blues, make sure that you paint the ceiling white and add plenty of overhead lighting. You can contrast the blue with your furniture, rugs, and decor in lighter, softer colors.

Brown Basement Walls

If you are looking to create a warm and cozy space in the basement, browns and natural neutral tones will do the trick. You can use it against natural wood accents as well as white trim.

You can choose a range of tones from neutral beiges to rich browns. The key is to plan the rest of your decor at the same time so that the room has a connected feeling when you put it together.

Green Basement Walls

Green is a great color for adding energy to a room. You can choose to paint an accent wall or you can paint all of the walls in a shade of green.

If you select a darker green, it can make the room feel cozy and alive while a lighter green can create a calming feeling. Natural wood furnishings and trim look fantastic with green paint.

Painting Your Basement a Dark Color

Some people use the basement as a place for relaxing and watching movies. It could be set up as a bar or it could be a game room. In these cases, painting the walls a dark shade of any color can make the basement feel more relaxing and intimate.

If you have your home theater in the basement, darker colors make it feel more theater-like. You can use dark shades of blue, green, or gray to make your space cozy.

Painting the Basement Ceiling

You also have choices for painting your basement ceiling. Some people paint the ceiling black to cover any flaws and help disguise any parts that are unfinished. It is a great color if you are using the basement as a home theater.

White is the obvious choice for many people because it will brighten up the room and make it feel more open. It works well if you want to have darker colors on the walls.

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