Tips for Brightening the Darkest Room in Your House

Tips for Brightening the Darkest Room in Your House

There are a lot of different reasons why a room feels dingy, dark, or small, but you can brighten it up with paint colors. Paint colors can change the size, depth, and feeling in any room, and this is particularly true for the darker rooms. Continue reading to learn a few tips for brightening the darkest room in your house.

Should You Use White?
White is known for brightening up a room, but it does so because it reflects the light. If your dark room doesn’t have a lot of natural light, then it doesn’t do the job as well. You can use white, but it may end up appearing flat. You need natural light to get the benefits of using white.

Bright Yellow
One color that brightens up a dark room is a bright, sunny yellow. This color works particularly well if the room is a bathroom or a bedroom with small windows. It works well with a white ceiling and accents as well as light wood trims. You need to make sure that you have enough artificial light in the room for the yellow to shine. The room will feel warm and bright with this choice.

Soft Gray
If you choose a light to medium shade of soft gray, it can brighten up your space. You want to stay warm by using a gray that is mixed with undertones of beige. You can also have a hint of pink or lavender if you want to create warmth in the room. Gray might seem counterintuitive, but it will brighten up a dark room as long as it isn’t a dull or dark gray color.

Lavender is a color with warm tones, so it will brighten up your darker rooms. It has many different shades ranging from purple-based tones to blues. You have plenty of options, so it isn’t too hard to find a tone that you can work with. It pairs well with other colors. In children’s rooms, you can pair it with pastels, while it goes well with whites and grays for a more sophisticated appearance.

Light Blue
Light blue is a great color for dark rooms that are lacking natural light. The color reminds people of the sky, so it feels brighter and more open.
It looks stunning with white accents and it fits into any room in your home. You can use it in the bathroom, a bedroom, the kitchen, or your family room, and it always adds a pleasant feeling to the room.

Although pink isn’t for everyone, it will brighten up a dark room. You can choose pastel or rose tones to add some color without making the room feel fit for a princess. You should avoid darker shades as it will make the room feel more boxed in and smaller. However, a hint of pink with white accents will brighten up any dark room in the house.

Final Words
Painting a dark room will instantly update it and make it brighter. You can choose any of the above colors for an instant makeover. Try to avoid dark colors as well as white, and select a color that works with your furniture and decor.

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