How to Repair Ceiling Stains & Water Damage

How to Repair Ceiling Stains & Water Damage

Ceiling Stains and water damage on ceilings & walls are often the results brought about by a leaking plumbing fixture, or roof. You can easily repair stains and minor damage. If the damage is not severe enough to require the replacement of all damaged boards or drywall, these steps will lead you through the entire repair process. Once the plumbing fixture or roof has been repaired by a roofing contractor, you can begin repairing the stains and water damage.

You should begin by making sure that the drywall is still attached to the frames or studs. If you find that the drywall is sagging, has a crack, or is broke, then you need to replace it. If your wallboard has slight sag, you can try using screws to snug it up. Ensure you start with the outer part of the sag. If you feel like the job at hand is too much for you to take on you might want to get in touch with a company like ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba.

Removing Ceiling Texture
Removing Ceiling Texture

Make sure that these screws enter the studs. It is important to ensure that they do not break the wallboard surface. Proceed slowly towards the worst part of the sag by using the screws to pull the board up.

Once the wallboard is secure start scrape off the loose paint and drywall mud layers. The moisture is likely to have caused the paint and mud to lose its grip. You should, therefore, start scraping outwards until you feel that the present coatings are all solidly attached. The putty knife will be an excellent tool for this task as it has a very sharp edge.

In cases where mildew or mold is present, make sure to wipe that surface with an alcohol solution to kill of the mold. An alternative would be to prepare a solution of water and chlorine bleach. You might need to visit https://awamoldinspections.com/areas-we-service/mold-inspection-austin-tx/ for a more intense inspection and treatment.

*TIP: If there is excessive mold a mold remediation/restoration company may be required. Flora Brothers Painting works with 2 restoration companies so you don’t have to spend weeks trying to find one!

Water damage causes the appearance of stains on any drywall. This is an indication that there is a problem at hand. If not properly handled, the stain bleeds through the finished paint. This is why it can be good to hire someone like ServiceMaster of Lake Shore to handle this situation, though you can sometimes handle this yourself. You can use different paint types to seal off the drywall. Some paints come with oil, water or alcohol bases.

It is essential to note that the alcohol and oil base sealers are perfect for this role. You can easily and quickly roll or brush them on your drywall. Minor stains will usually cover with the first paint brush. For better results, make sure to use two paint coats.

The second coat can be applied as soon as possible. Do not wait for this stain to get through the finish coat. A seal coat will not only make sure that a stain bleed through does not occur, but also provides you with a finish that is clean and dust free. So as to smooth the surface, you can use a combination of various drywall compounds.

If you follow these simple steps you will have your walls & ceilings looking like new again! And guess what, NO MORE CEILING STAINS!!

Beautifully Painted Ceiling

**If this sounds like a daunting task you don’t want to take on alone then call or schedule a free estimate on our website today!

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