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Choosing the Perfect Front Door Color

Choosing the Perfect Color for Your Front Door

As you may already know, your front door says a lot about the entire home including the interior and exterior. The right front door color can help set the right mood, particularly welcoming, and improve the curb appeal. It is not unusual for most people to overlook the front door when painting the rest of the home. With these few tips, choosing a color that makes your front door pop will be easy.

The neighbor’s front door style

While many homeowners want to pursue uniqueness when decorating their homes, it’s a good idea to consider the style of the neighbor’s front door style when considering colors for their own doors. This can allow you to give you a sense of direction by providing guidance on how to complement the neighbor’s front door styles while at the same time achieving uniqueness. Something unique can be a multi-colored door, Chrome Door Furniture, a different style of door to help you stand out, and so on.

Use deep or light shades of color

Tan, taupe, cream and whites are some of the most popular shades of color used for front doors. Typically, it’s best to use a color that contrasts that of the body of the house. For instance, if the body of the house is painted in a dark color, use a light one for the front door. Additionally, if the house has a neutral color, consider using a bright and bold color on the front door.

Front door color should complement the exterior of your home

Home décor experts advise that the color of the front door should complement that of a home’s exterior. As a general rule, home exteriors usually have three to four colors i.e. one on the front door, one on the soffits/trim, one for the architectural features and shutters as well as one for the entire body of the house. Why not visit Shuttercraft to view a wide range of shutters and blinds for your home’s windows and doors. Alternatively, you can look into making shutters for our doors from scratch if buying shutters and getting them professionally installed is not something you want or can afford. If you don’t like the exterior of your home then it might be good to check out someone like M&M Home Exteriors who can help redesign the outside of your house for AND help you pick the right colour for your front door as well.

*Fact: A lot of front doors are painted red. Red is a very welcoming color. It is also thought to bring good luck, protection, & prosperity to the home.

Red home door (Irland)
Red home door (Ireland).

The type and style of your home

These two factors are the main determinants of the type of front door you choose. For instance, a cottage style home should have stylish front doors with natural colors while contemporary homes should have front doors with bold colors. On the other hand, front doors for traditional homes should have rich deep colors like dark red, green, navy blue and black.


Regardless of whether it’s for aesthetic purposes or your house up for sale, there’s no reason you should let your house fade into the background by failing to choose a great color for the front door. Applying a fresh coat of paint on the front door could be just what your house needs to pop and stand out from the neighborhood.

**Bonus Pro Tip: Use a satin finish on your front door to give it added “pop” & durability.

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