Paint a Stunning Guest Bathroom

Paint a Stunning Guest Bathroom

One way to make your guests feel comfortable when they visit your home is by providing them with a guest bathroom that rivals your master bathroom. One way to accomplish this is by revamping your guest bathroom by giving it a fresh coat of paint.

Get Rid of Mold

First, thoroughly scrub all the walls with water and bleach if there is any mold present. After this, use some wood filler or spackling and a flat knife, and smooth over any damaged parts of the bathroom walls, such as cracks, dents, and holes. Then gently sand over it after it has completely dried.

Pick Your Color

If your guest bathroom is on the smaller side, and especially if there are no windows in the bathroom, then it is important to use a bright and light color. It’s usually best to pick a color that’s neutral rather than overly warm or cool.

Some examples include light tans, off-white shades, and pale greens. Light reflects off of these colors well, brightening up the room and making it feel more spacious. You can also paint the trim and ceiling white to assist in this effect. Another trick is to simply paint the ceiling the same light shade that you use on the walls, giving the illusion that the walls reach up higher than they actually do.

It is a good idea to use some paint samples before committing to a shade. Make sure that the color goes well with the décor in your guest bathroom. Nobody wants to go through the trouble of painting an entire room only to find out the color isn’t the shade of blue they were envisioning.

Tape and Tarps

Make sure to put painter’s tape around anything touching the walls (and ceiling and trim if you are also painting these) that you want to avoid getting paint on. You should also put a tarp or towels down on the floor to protect it from drips and other accidents.

If you want to ensure extra protection, you have the option of removing all the hardware, such as outlet covers and towel racks, from the walls as well.

Prime Time

You will want to use primer next. This will make your painting job last longer, and it will help cover over the paint currently on the walls. This makes this step particularly important if you’re painting over a darker color. Use a roller and paintbrush to get it onto the walls and ceiling.

Paint Your Walls

After this dries completely, it’s time for your paint. Pour your paint into your pan and, once again, use a roller and paintbrush to get it onto the walls, using the brush first to get into nooks, edges, and corners, and then using the roller to fill in the rest.

If you want to make sure your walls are extra protected from future mold growth, opt for using two coats of paint. Also, wait two full days after you finish painting before turning on the shower.

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