Top Tips for Painting Wood Furniture

Top Tips for Painting Wood Furniture

Wood furniture can make your home comfortable, and it is easy to find. Whether you have some old pieces laying around or you pick up something at a yard sale, you can paint it to update it and create the look you want. Painting wood furniture isn’t a difficult thing to do, as long as you understand the process. Take a look at some tips for painting your wood furniture. 

Always Start by Sanding the Wood

When you are preparing to paint your wood furniture, you need to begin by sanding it. If you read somewhere that you can skip this step, don’t believe it. Sanding will help get rid of any flaws in the wood, and it will look better once you paint it. There may be small imperfections that don’t stand out in its natural wood state, but once you paint it, you will see them. Sanding the wood makes it smooth so that your paint goes on smoothly and evenly. You should also use sandpaper and sand by hand. If you try to use sanding tools, they can actually damage the wood. Go around the furniture carefully and sand it by hand. Then, dust it off.

Don’t Skip the Primer

It is always important to start with primer because it gives your paint a surface to adhere to. It will help to make sure that your paint job lasts longer, and the paint will go on smoothly. Some paint manufacturers tell you that you don’t need to use a primer, but you should use one anyway to improve the quality of your job. 

Test the Paint Color Before You Start

When you choose your paint color, you need to test it on the furniture before you start painting the entire thing. Paint can look different in different lighting, and it may look different on your furniture than it does in the can. Make sure you have primed the piece of furniture, and then choose a spot to test the color. Try to find a place that is on the bottom or another concealed location. Wait for the paint to dry so that you know what it will look like, and make sure that you like the way it looks before you paint the entire piece of furniture. 

Let the Paint Dry Between Coats

Start by painting a coat of primer on the furniture. Make sure that you let it dry before you do your test patch. Then, test a patch of the furniture with your paint color choice. Make sure that you let it dry before you decide whether or not to use the color. 

Once you are ready to paint, you should paint the first coat of paint over the primer. The length of time that it takes to dry will vary depending on the type of paint you use, the furniture, and how much moisture is in the air. It could take a few hours, or it could take up to eight hours. You need to make sure that you wait it out before you apply another coat. This will ensure that the second coat goes on evenly and looks great. Plan to paint the first coat of paint and then let it be until it is completely dry. 

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