How Often Should You Repaint Your Hotel Interior?

How Often Should You Repaint Your Hotel Interior?

We all know that the first rule of real estate is supposed to be Location, Location, Location, but what about the rules that follow? After all, you can own a hotel in the most advantageous spot imaginable in your given city or town, but if the interior makes your establishment look like a rat trap, guests won’t be all that impressed. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that you have a quality paint job. From the instant guests walk into your hotel, you want them to feel safe and at home.

That being said, the next natural question is just how often you need to paint your hotel to create a space that will impress your customers and put them at ease. Too frequently, and not only will it be pricey, but sections of your hotel will constantly be taped off and smelling of wet paint. Too infrequently, and you risk your hotel looking drab and run down.

What’s needed is a happy balance – and here are a few guidelines to help you achieve just that.

Full Repainting vs. Touch Ups

Firstly, it’s important to draw a distinction between full repainting efforts and touch ups. It may seem obvious that the latter is just a quick repair job and the former more comprehensive, but there’s actually more to it than just that. You’ll also want to consider how long it’s been since your previous paint job, how often you’ve applied touch ups, and the condition of the paint in question itself.

Small or large, you’re going to want to repaint hotel rooms every few years and deal with any touch up work as quickly as possible. That said, you don’t have time for a full-on repainting job every few weeks or months. Touch ups can thus be a great stopgap measure in the meantime, allowing you to put off a full repainting job for a while longer without your property appearing rundown as a result.

Hallway Areas

That being said, you’ll probably want to repaint hallways and connected areas slightly more frequently than other aspects of your hotel. Your hallways see a lot of traffic, and thus have more opportunities to become nicked up or otherwise disfigured by passersby by. It’s also one of the most visible aspects of your hotel for all guests, while room-wise they’ll almost certainly only be seeing their own. As a result, while you can handle individual rooms on a case by case basis, thus keeping some open and allowing business to continue, you’ll need to deal with hallways as comprehensively as possible.

By limiting the amount of painting you have to do at once, you can tackle your paintjobs on days in which you expect your hotel to see slower business.

By approaching hotel repainting in this manner, you can keep your hotel looking bright and vibrant.

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