What Does Two Coats of Paint on Your Exterior Really Mean?

What Does Two Coats of Paint on Your Exterior Really Mean?

So many painting contractors in the Indianapolis area advertise “2 COATS OF “PREMIUM” PAINT” on their exterior estimates. But what exactly does “2 coats” mean? Let’s take a look…

Taking care of your house is definitely your top priority as a homeowner. It’s important to keep things looking as nice as possible. You deserve to live in a very nice home and you also want to ensure that the value of your property stays as high as it can be. For this reason, it’s smart to be diligent about keeping up all aspects of your home.

The paint job on your house is always going to be very apparent. You never want to have an old, faded paint job be the thing that you’re showcasing to the world. Getting the exterior of your house painted can be a bit of a daunting task but when you hire professionals to do the job, things will become much easier. You’ll notice when hiring these companies that they often have differences in how many coats of paint they provide for their standard services.

For those who don’t know much about painting, you might be wondering what the big difference is when one coat of paint is applied versus two. It’s a topic that you should definitely be concerned about because you want to make an informed decision as a homeowner. Understanding a bit more about what two coats of exterior paint will do for your house is a good idea.

How Many Coats Do You Need?

Understanding how many coats of paint your home’s exterior will need to look its best is important. There are many painting contractors out there that will offer you 1 coat of paint with their standard pricing and call it a day. This might not be the optimal option because it could leave your home looking only a bit better. If the paint on your house isn’t too faded, one coat of paint is more than adequate, especially with the self-priming paints that Flora Brothers Painting uses.

This is usually only the case when you’re staying with the same color of paint that was used on your house before. The painters could use one coat of primer on your house and then do one coating of paint in this situation. It should come out looking pretty good but it’s also possible that it may not be as vibrant as you would hope. Results can be a bit erratic when using only one top coat of paint. Especially if a painting contractor does not prep correctly! This is why we suggest using either PPG Paints or Sherwin Williams top-of-the-line exterior paint!

Two coats of paint of paint on your exterior is not always the best way to go, nor is it always needed when you re-paint. When it has been at least a few years since the exterior of your house has been painted, you definitely will want to do 1 coat of paint to make it look nice & clean. Your coat of bonding primer should be applied first to any bare or peeling areas (that have been properly scraped/sanded first), and it’s important to make sure that it is tinted to the color you’re going to use, if possible. Then you can proceed with the painting process.

Professional Paint Spraying Method

The method you use while painting the house can help you to get the most out of your coat(s) of paint as well. It’s possible to get the “effect” of two full coats of paint without going around the house twice. In general, professional painters like to use spraying tools for the job and they will spray your house from one angle followed by another. Spraying your house one way and then spraying it from another angle IS NOT 2 COATS!

Hiring an experienced painting crew will allow you to feel confident that they know what they’re doing. When they spray your house in this fashion, it will come out looking fantastic. You can rest assured that this is giving your house the full 1 or 2 coat treatment in the most efficient way possible. Making sure that your home looks nice will be the painters’ priority and you’ll be able to enjoy their handiwork not too long after the spraying commences.

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