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Tips for Making a Space Feel Much Bigger Than it Actually Is

How To Make A Space Feel Much Bigger Than It Actually Is

It is no secret that small spaces come with a ton of challenges. However, if done well they can actually feel like zen-like spaces. The main challenge in doing so is that putting all your belongings in a small space makes the room feel claustrophobic and cramped. If this sounds like something you are struggling with in your home, why not look into using something like removal companies UK, who can help move some of your unwanted items from your house, allowing for more space. it may also be worth looking into finding a storage facility for those items you don’t want to get rid of, but don’t need right at this moment. Companies like keepsafe storage will allow you to store your items for whatever period of time you need, allowing you to have the space you need. Make sure you look around to find a storage facility that suits your needs closest!
The good news is that making a small space feel bigger is easy with the following tips.

  1. Break all the rules: Just because it’s a living room doesn’t mean that you have to put in a TV or a coffee table or a sofa. Using unexpected furniture can work wonders for small rooms.
  1. Strategically placed mirrors for instance across a window can create the illusion of a larger space by reflecting light. Other mirror placement tricks include placing a large window behind an end table or chest.
  1. Bigger sofas with exposed legs create a better illusion of larger rooms compared to boxy or skirt chairs.
  1. Use different shades of the same color on the walls, furniture, and floor rug to make the space feel more open. Using accessories or throw pillows in the same shade can also help achieve the same effect.
  1. Using rugs (or as they call them in Germany ‘Teppiche‘) to separate room areas, particularly in studio apartments. This helps to create the illusion of having more than one space in a single large space.
  1. Instead of overhead lights, try few smaller lamps as they help draw the eye around the room.
  1. Lucite and glass items are especially functional in small spaces because they don’t take up too much space.
  1. Large and bold art pieces are not only dramatic, but they also make small rooms feel more expansive.
  1. Leaving your windows uncovered allow more light into the room making it look more expansive and if you are worried about privacy, opt for blinds or roman shades.
  1. A clear shower curtain in small bathrooms would be a great choice
  1. Color coding the shelves creates the illusion of a more organized structure
  1. Using stripes, for instance a striped rug, makes a small room appear bigger. The stripes should be elongated to the longest length of the room for optimal effect.
  1. Statement furniture like the pieces you can find through companies such as Antiques World
    that fills the room makes a room appear larger by decreasing the look of clutter.
  1. To draw the eyes upward, try using hanging shelves close to the ceiling.
  1. Make use of multi-purpose items and hidden storage.
  1. Pulling furniture away from the wall makes the room appear more spacious.
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