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How much does it cost to paint my living room in Indianapolis, Indiana?

What are the Cost for Interior Painting in Indianapolis, Indiana?

So you want to paint your living room — now what? What are the Cost for Interior Painting? For the customer, the biggest decision is often deciding on color and sheen. This is no less important than the cost involved. Of course there’s a lot to take into consideration when determining the final price of any painting project. There are things like paint choice, wall surface, amount of wood work and of course, the overall square footage. But one thing’s for sure, when you choose Flora Brothers Painting to paint your living room in Indianapolis, you’re guaranteed fabulous results for a great price!

What all is involved in painting my living room?

Once you decide to paint your living room and the date’s been set, Flora Brothers will send in a painting crew to handle the project and make sure it starts on time, and that it’s completed on time. Typically, this process involves everything from moving any furniture that’s in the way, covering carpet and or remaining furniture pieces that might be too cumbersome to move — like a grand piano — taping walls if needed, and depending on the wall height, setting up scaffolding and or ladders.

So how much is all of this going to cost?

Typically, painting the wall surface in a living room in Indianapolis will run between $362-665. Bear in mind that like anything else, the final cost is largely dependent on a number of factors such as:

  • Are there any drywall repairs needed? If there are cracks or holes or any kind of damage to drywall, you will need to repair the are before you can paint the walls. Minor fixes like patching nail holes can be done fairly quickly and without much, if any, additional cost. But bigger holes that require more than simple patching — like those caused by opening a door too fast and having the doorknob slam into the wall — can be more costly to repair.
  • How much wood work like baseboards and moldings are there? Painting woodwork can be more time consuming that painting a flat wall surface. And naturally the overall cost of painting your living room can increase depending on how much woodwork you have. Based on a typical sized living room, the cost for baseboard painting is $55 per 54 linear feet.
  • Is there wallpaper to remove before painting? If your walls are covered with wallpaper and it’s strippable, the removal process is fairly straightforward and won’t be a huge additional cost to painting your living room. However, if it’s difficult to remove and causes drywall damage while being scrapped or pulled off, then costs will rise based on the amount of repair that the walls need before painting.
  • Will the doors and door casings be painted? The cost for painting one side of a door and its casings in your living room is $40.
  • What’s the quality and or density of the old paint? Some paints are harder to cover than others. For example, a dark-colored wall that’s being changed to a very light color may require more paint than say repainting within a few shades of the current wall color. Flora Brothers will advise you before beginning a project if your color choices have the potential to create higher painting costs.
  • Do you want the ceiling painted? Depending on the size of the room to be painted, the cost for painting a ceiling in Indianapolis is $110-185.

What next?

Once you decide you’re ready to paint your living room, you can make an appointment with Flora Brothers. We’ll provide an estimate free of charge and will even help you pick out the right colors for your new look. At Flora Brothers Painting we want to make sure you have the best service and the best paint when it comes to painting your living room in Indianapolis.

Want to know more?

A more detailed pricing guide can be found under the Pricing tab on the top right side of our webpage. And as always, you can call us to schedule a free in-home estimate.

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