If you own or run a hotel, it’s important that your customers are happy so they keep coming back. Times are tough for all businesses, and it’s important to ensure that you keep your business looking great. Of course, hotels tend to get run down pretty quickly because they get a lot of use, but a fresh coat of paint can really freshen things up.

What Do Customers Look for in a Hotel Experience?

Every hospitality business succeeds or fails on the strength of the customer experience they provide. If hotel guests aren’t having a great time and they look around your hotel and don’t like what they see, how likely are they to come back to your establishment? Indeed, how likely are they to spread the word and tell other people not to bother going there either?

This is why it’s important to keep your hotel looking fresh and clean. Painting the walls, rooms, and hallways can be a big job that takes a long time, but the end result is worth it. In fact, the right color palette can create an entirely new hotel atmosphere.

Choosing Your Color Palette Wisely

Painting your hotel offers you a chance to freshen it up with a brand new color scheme, but how should you choose? Here are some tips.

Keep It Neutral

Hotels are usually large places with lots of areas to paint. While it might be entirely realistic to paint a home every year in seasonal colors, painting a hotel takes time. If you plan on painting everywhere, you’ll be better off painting in neutral colors. Whites, greys, and even black trim are all modern and will go with any kind of décor, making it relatively easy to decorate.

Spots of Color

Having said all of that, it is possible to theme rooms in seasonal and lively colors. Even if you paint the main corridors and so on in neutral colors, there’s nothing stopping you from painting some of the rooms differently and experimenting. Why not have a summer room, for example, which you paint in bright hues?

Look at Websites and Design Magazines

If you’re stuck trying to think of a color scheme, there’s nothing wrong with seeking out some inspiration. Design magazines and websites offer some interesting color choices, but just remember that you’ll be doing it on a large scale and you have to consider whether or not it will appeal to your customers.

Paint in Stages

Because hotels take a long time to paint, it’s a good idea to do it stage by stage. Start in areas like the restaurant that are used most often. You can then work your way into different rooms. By doing it this way, you can avoid too much disruption.


It’s surprising what a fresh coat of paint can do. Hotels are often busy and the walls and other painted areas are prone to marks, scratches, and other damage. Over time, this can make the place look a bit worn and tired. A fresh coat of paint will cover all of this up and keep everything looking fresh for your guests.

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