• 2018 Hotel Color Trends
Color is incredibly important in hotels and has a major impact on how guests feel when they walk into the lobby and while they are in their rooms. For this reason, hotel owners spend a great deal of time studying the effects of colors on their guests and trying to figure out how to change their color scheme for the better. Hotels are constantly changing and trying to better their appearance, and if you want to be up to date on 2018 color trends, then these colors are the ones to keep an eye on.

Dark Moody Blue

The wonderful thing about the color blue, aside from being widely popular, is that different hues and shades of blue can play different roles in a hotel. Dark shades tend to convey a more intimate and sophisticated feel than lighter shades, and are perfect for a hotel that is appealing to a more sophisticated clientele. Instead of light blue shades like periwinkle, moody dark blues are going to be a lot more popular in 2018.

Bright Green

The green movement is here to stay, and this color has found its way into hotel paint and color schemes. No longer relegated simply to coffee shops and outdoor markets, green is exciting, refreshing, and makes people feel renewed. It’s perfect for a hotel that offers a spa or other services, as it will make guests feel like they will be rejuvenated during their stay. Of course, hotels do not want to use this color all over the building, but incorporating it in thoughtful areas can improve the hotel’s appearance and make it seem in touch with a younger and more youthful crowd.

Playful Yellows

While pastels are on their way out, especially in hotels, a bright pop of color is always appreciated, even when the rest of the palette is darker. While an all-yellow area in the hotel would be overwhelming, 2018 will see bright pops of color hidden throughout hotels. Breakfast nooks, small reading areas, and window seats can all benefit from a splash of canary yellow. When the right shade is paired with moody blues and crisp whites, the overall effect can be very appealing.

Drama Still Wins

A dramatic view in a hotel is still popular, and owners can accomplish this in 2018 by pairing dark blues and purples with bare metal, leather furniture, and yellows, lime green, and white. A dramatic room will appeal to people of all ages and will come across as richer and more luxurious than a room filled with neutrals or pastels. To tap into the power of color, hotel owners need to consider the way that various colors make their guests feel and then choose the right shade for each individual space.

No matter how old or new your hotel is, color plays a huge role in the comfort, happiness, and experience of all of your guests. It’s important that you update your color scheme regularly so you can be sure that your hotel remains modern, fresh, and inspiring. By creating a dramatic main area with bright splashes of color throughout the rest of your hotel, you can ensure that your guests feel welcome and comfortable and that they will want to return.

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