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Steps To Properly Power Wash, Clean, & Stain A Wood Privacy Fence

Can you recall when your wood privacy fence lost its rich, warm golden glow? Not to worry because underneath the shabby looking thin gray skin, the glow still remains. Renewing a wood privacy fence is not that difficult. All that it takes to get it looking brand new is to remove the aged layer of cells so that the fresh layer of wood can be exposed. A power washer can easily help get that done. And afterwards, you only have to apply a coat of stain to preserve the new layer. In addition to curb appeal, renewing your wood privacy fence helps prolong its lifespan.

Power washing and cleaning a wood privacy fence

Power washers are quite aggressive in that in addition to removing grime and dirt, they can also erode the wood and ruin it. The key here is to use the right technique and sprayer tip. Go for a power washer that can operate between 1000 psi to 2000 psi. Anything that goes beyond 3000 psi should be avoided. Use both 25- and 30-degree spray tips. Before using the machine, read the user manual or have a skilled professional show you how to use it. Tie back the plants growing alongside the fence and be sure to wear waterproof clothing to avoid getting wet.

Wood Privacy Fence

Start spraying the fence while ensuring that the wand tip is at least 18 inches from the surface of the wood. Keep the width of fan spray aligned across the boards. As you spray, you will soon notice that the surface is stripped away and the color of the wood gradually brightens. Keep cleaning and stop when the color of the wood stops changing.

PRO TIP: Use an exterior cleaner with bleach in it to help clean the fencing

*BONUS PRO TIP: Follow up with a solution of oxalic acid to help brighten the wood & to help neutralize the pH.

The simple repairs

Once the fence is clean, your next step is to repair or replace the damaged boards, countersink the protruding nails and refasten loose boards. You will need to coat the posts with a wood preservative at the point where they emerge from concrete or the ground. Use a turnbuckle support a sagging gate and pull the loose pieces tightly together using corrosion resistant screws. Waterproof glue is the ultimate solution to repairing any broken or split boards.

Stain the fence for a fresh new look

An exterior semitransparent oil or modified-oil stain will help preserve the natural color of the wood. Its pigments add an overall color tone, and the oil stain helps seal the seal while at the same time allows the color and grain variations to show. Ensure that the fence is dry before applying any stain. Use a paint roller to apply the stain and for the detailed areas, a smaller brush or trim roller will get the job done.


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