When Is the Best Time to Paint Your Restaurant?

When Is the Best Time to Paint Your Restaurant?

Although people are drawn to your restaurant for the food and service, the look and feel play a significant role in whether they return again. You may want a steady stream of new customers, but most restaurants rely on repeat customers for success. The key is to create the best environment for your customers to enjoy your food.

How to Plan it to Stay Open

Many restaurant owners want to stay open when they paint because closing can hurt their bottom line. The important thing is to work with your painter to make sure that the process isn’t going to be disruptive.

One option is to schedule the painters during off hours. Make sure that your painter is able to have a quick turnaround so that your restaurant is painted quickly. You can also change the hours of operation. You can open late and close early. It is important to let your customers know about your temporary hours.

It is also important to know when the painters will be there as well as which rooms they are painting. You can work with the painter to come up with a plan to section off parts of the restaurant while other parts are being painted.

You should also try to use paint with less odor. This will help to reduce fumes when customers are in the restaurant.

Choose Off-Season Painting

If your restaurant is in a location that has a busier season, you will want to consider scheduling painting during the off season. Some locations are busier during the winter months, others during the summer, and some during holidays.

You should make sure that you schedule your paint job during times that are less busy. This way, your business will not be as heavily impacted by the reduced hours.

Paint When Your Restaurant Is Closed

If you are able to work with a painter to do the majority of the work while the restaurant is closed, you may be able to stay open. You will probably need to reduce your space for serving customers, but you can get your customers excited about the changes that are coming. Use it as a marketing opportunity, and be sure to offer a special event when your restaurant is finished.

Choose an Experienced Commercial Painter

No matter when you schedule having your restaurant painted, you need to hire a commercial painter with experience in the restaurant business. An experienced company will understand the importance of timing and will know how to work around your staying open during the project.

An experienced company will have painters who understand the importance of working quickly and moving through the project room by room. They will also know that they need to finish up before you open. They will be respectful and use their time efficiently to get through your project with as little disruption as possible for your business.

Final Words

When it comes to finding the perfect time to paint your restaurant, you need to be flexible. For some, there is an obvious choice. However, many rely on the income from serving day after day. You may need to work during off hours so that you can stay open during the project.

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