How Interior Colors Boost Business

How Interior Colors Boost Business

The colors that you paint your business can do more than add a pop of style, they can affect the success of your bottom line. Your interior painting can affect workplace satisfaction, customer spending, and other factors. 

The power of color psychology can help you use your interior decorating as a tool to improve your business. Read our guide and talk to your interior painters to decide the best colors that could lead to more green in your wallet.

Understand the Emotions That Colors Arouse

Scientific studies have shown that different colors can have different emotional effects on people. How you use those colors depends on your business and your goals.

Red is an exciting, arousing color that promotes hunger and action. There is a reason why many restaurants use red and other warm tones and that is because it has been proven to increase people’s appetites and tolerance for impulsive behavior. However, if you are noticing nervousness among your colleagues or that customers will not linger in your business, the brash nature of red could drive them away.

On the other hand, cool colors such as blue and green soothe people’s emotions and invite them to stay in a space. If you have a business where you want to encourage people to linger, such as a spa, you should paint in cool colors. 

Align Colors with Your Brand and Sector

Your interior painting should be part of your larger visual identity that includes your logo, website, and other places where you show off your business. You should keep your color palette consistent. That way when someone comes into your business, they will immediately associate your location with your marketing materials and remember it better.

When coming up with your visual identity in the first place, you should think about common visual cues associated with the sector that you want to succeed in. For example, many salons or spas use pink in their branding to convey a feeling of luxury or relaxation. You’re not forced to use the same color palette as other businesses in your sector, but adding similar details helps your customers immediately understand what you are offering.

Use Details to Your Advantage

While the overall color palette can affect your customers’ mood and encourage them to spend, strategically placed color accents can push them to act. For example, red encourages impulsivity and action. Painting the backdrop to your cash register red or using the same color to highlight sales items can boost last-minute purchases.

Talk to your interior painters about accentuating touches that could boost your business and about the overall effects of color psychology. 

When thinking about repainting your business, you should consider what looks good to you but also what could be lucrative in the long run. Aligning your color palette with the kind of emotions that you want your customers to experience could encourage them to spend more time and money at your shop. You also want to build a distinct visual identity that makes your business more memorable.

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