The Best Ways to Achieve Color Consistency at Your Hotel

The Best Ways to Achieve Color Consistency at Your Hotel

In the 21st century, branding matters. Branding does not just include an eye-popping logo or catchy slogan. Your hotel’s whole visual look and Internet presence can contribute to a successful branding that makes customers return.

One of the most important factors, when it comes to branding, is color consistency. Color consistency helps you create a cohesive visual language for your business that will stick with customers for a long time. If your colors clash or you have a shoddy paint job, they will also remember that. 

Here are a few ways you can maintain a consistent color palette throughout your hotel.

Why Color Consistency Matters

Color consistency helps make your hotel more memorable. When you have the same color throughout your hotel and even other elements, such as your marketing materials, it creates a visual link for your customers to remember your place of business.

Color consistency matters more for hotels than for other businesses because you are not just selling a product, you are selling an experience. People are paying to stay the night in a place where they hope to relax or find adventure. Choosing the right colors can help you create that experience.

Finally, color consistency projects an air of professionalism. While tastefully contrasting colors can add a fun detail to your hotel, too much clashing can make your hotel look sloppy. A shoddy paint job or mismatched walls will make customers think you do not care about your establishment.

Color Consistency While Painting

If you are redecorating your hotel, planning can help you achieve color consistency. One of the most important things you can do is buy all of the paint cans that you will need (plus some extra) at once. This saves you from the headache of finding out that the store ran out of your shade of paint or mixed a slightly different shade.

While you are painting, the most important thing is consistency. Try to use only one paint can per wall, as even subtle differences within the same color are more noticeable on the same wall. Use the same amount of paint on each wall, and make sure you cover each surface with the same amount of layers.

Finally, every brushstroke matters. It can be tempting to try to finish the job faster by moving up and down or swirling the brush around, but you should move the brush in the same direction for the whole wall. You should also use the same amount of pressure, as dabs of more intense paint are highly noticeable when they are on the same wall.

Thinking Beyond the Paint Cans

When creating color consistency for your hotel, you’re not limited to the paint on your walls. Create a cohesive visual language using other decorative elements, such as furniture, rugs, and bedding.

You can also maintain color consistency away from the hotel. Use your signature color for print and digital marketing as well as your website. A little planning when it comes to design goes a long way.

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