How to Manage a Multi-Unit Painting Project

How to Manage a Multi-Unit Painting Project

When you are getting ready to start a multi-unit painting project, it is important to manage it efficiently. You need to plan the project out, get it started, and make sure that it is done well. It can be a lot to stay on top of, but you can follow these tips to simplify the process. 

Efficient Communication Is Key

In a multi-unit complex, you are likely to have different residents. You need to be sure that they know what is going on. When you communicate with the residents, you can give them a chance to remove their personal possessions from common areas, and you can let them know the timeline. You should give them one or two weeks notice before you get started. If you have an email list, you can communicate with email. You can also send a notice out to all of the residents. If you have a website for the complex, this is also a great place to post a notice. The important thing is that you communicate about the project, and update residents as you complete different phases. 

Schedule Walk-Throughs

When you are doing a multi-unit project, you might have a lot of details to check. If you plan to walk through the entire set of units at the same time, you can become tired and miss things toward the end. One way to avoid this problem is to schedule multiple walk-throughs. You can go through each unit one at a time so that you pay attention to detail. In fact, you can schedule the units to be done one at a time. If the first ones are done well and up to standards, the remaining units will likely go more smoothly. 

Use a Sign-up App to Schedule Door Painting

You will need to coordinate painting the doors because they need to be open when they are painted. Residents are likely to be uneasy about having their doors left open while the job is being done. You can use a sign-up app to set up appointments with residents when they are home. You might have some residents who don’t sign up, and you will need to coordinate these doors. A good rule of thumb is to send three reminders to residents and post a notice in a visible location. If anyone fails to sign up, you can post a notice on the visible part of the door, and leave some paint color information for the residents so that they can finish it when they have time. Make sure that you communicate with them so that they have ample opportunity to sign up before painting day. 

Final Words

When you are managing a multi-unit painting project, you need to make sure that you keep everyone well informed. It is important to make sure that the residents understand what is happening and know when the painting will take place. If you have an email list, this can help. You should also make sure that you post notices in a central location. These tips will help to make sure that your project goes off easily. 

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