Hotel Lobby Design Tips

Hotel Lobby Design Tips

Many factors impact the feeling people have when they walk into a hotel lobby. You want the room to feel warm and inviting, and it should appear neat and clean. In addition to the furniture, artwork, and decor, the paint color affects how guests perceive your hotel. Follow these hotel lobby design tips to create a space that your visitors are sure to enjoy.

Consider the Size of the Lobby

The size of the lobby has an impact on which color schemes will look best. If the lobby is large and open with high ceilings, you can use just about any color because you don’t have to worry about the space feeling crowded or small. However, if you have a smaller lobby, you will want to use colors that open up your lobby. In addition to calming colors such as soft blue or cream, you can use mirrors on the walls to brighten and open up the space. 

Make Sure the Lobby Color Scheme Ties in with the Connecting Rooms

When you paint the lobby, you don’t want to have colors that contrast too much with connecting rooms. It is ideal to use a neutral tone that easily transitions into the color of these rooms so that your hotel flows. You might have banquet rooms or dining areas, so choose a color palette that creates an elegant and connected feeling for your guests. 

Consider the Wall Color Alongside the Art and Decor

The end result of your lobby is based on the way that your walls, your decor, and your art come together. It is important to make sure that you consider the theme of your space and choose colors accordingly. For example, in a western-themed lobby with cowboy and western art, you might choose shades of beige to tie in with horses and leather materials. However, in a modern lobby with contemporary art, fixtures, and furniture, you might choose a striking cool color such as black and white. The key is to make sure that the room is tied together by its color scheme. 

Choose a Welcoming Color Palette

No matter what your style is in the lobby, you want to make sure that your color palette welcomes guests. They should feel comfortable sitting in the chairs in the lobby. There are some shades that work well in any decor, such as a soft neutral. You could look at beige or cream contrasted with a soft blue, yellow, or brown. These are warm, inviting colors that will make your guests feel welcome in your hotel. 

Final Words

It is important to choose colors that invite guests into your hotel lobby. You want to create a look that flows throughout the space in the hotel, and it should tie in with your art, your furniture, and your decor. Soft neutral tones for the majority of the space work well in large and small spaces, but you can choose bolder colors in large rooms with high ceilings. If you have dark furniture, you want to lighten the room up with a pale beige or soft blue, and you want to choose a color palette that invites your guests in. 

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