Essential Tips for Selecting the Perfect Paint Colors

Essential Tips for Selecting the Perfect Paint Colors

The color of paint inside your house can subtly influence your thoughts and other things such as sleep and health. For this reason, selecting your perfect paint color is important in making your house the best it can possibly be.

Match Paint with Your Furniture

If you want to select the perfect paint colors for your home, decide on an item that you want your paint to match, then take that item to the store while you are picking out your paint color. Having your wall color match up with some items in your house, whether it be furniture in a living room or a sign in a kitchen, will make the room look more cohesive and stylish.

Do not misinterpret this advice as a tip to paint your walls the same color as all of your furniture. This will not work unless you are looking for complete uniformity. Instead of directly matching, think of your paint and the items within your room coordinating with one another.


Choose Colors That Create a Feeling

When it comes to paint colors, and colors in general, the effect on a room and on the psychology of the people in a room is quite significant. Depending on which part of your home you are painting, you can paint using colors that give off a particular feeling.

Colors might help you set up a mood or undertone during your time in a room, and some colors have interesting effects on those present. Specifically, warm colors such as yellow, coral, or dark red may add a comforting, cozy feel to a room while cooler colors such as violet, dark blue, or dark green give off more private, focused vibes.

Of course, people respond to different colors in their own unique ways, although there are some colors that tend to push people towards specific moods or emotions. Red is more likely to increase your blood pressure and stress levels, while blue and green colors are natural and more calming.

If you especially like a particular color or if you want to make a specific room in your home feel a specific way, pay attention to how the colors make you feel and the purpose of your room. Another important part in picking the perfect color is the hue, which can interfere with the mood of a room if it is too strong or intense.


Choose Colors to Make Your Room Feel Bigger or Smaller

Interestingly enough, certain colors on the wall can make a room feel larger or smaller. Sharp colors, most notably white, will make a room feel more open and spacious while warmer colors, such as light yellow or brown, tend to make rooms feel cozier and more snug.

Keep these factors in mind when picking out your perfect paint, and be sure to test out a color before committing an entire wall or room to one. Be sure to match your furniture, choose a color that gives off a specific feeling to a room, and think about whether you want your room to feel spacious or snug.

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