Painting Your Ceiling: Should You Go Basic or Bold?

Painting Your Ceiling: Should You Go Basic or Bold?

When you wonder about painting your home, most people would assume you’re talking about the interior or exterior of its walls. What about when your aspirations for painting span upward?

Going Basic

Not everyone’s home has an elaborate color scheme. The latest trend is to keep the color palette neutral and adding accents of bold colors. 

When you want to go basic, choose a light hue that compliments the rest of your décor. This could be an eggshell color that goes well with your beige couch, or a bright white to continue your blank walls. This will make it seem like your walls go on endlessly. 

Light colors on a ceiling allow the eyes to gradually drift upward. This is ideal for smaller homes that need to maximize their limited space. A bright white or a light wash of blue will create more space in the upmost portion of your interior. 

For homes with beams of wood or metal, painting these features the same light color as your ceiling will help them blend into their surroundings. This can also disguise unsightly duct work that you’re unable to cover otherwise. 

Going Bold

Those looking to express themselves in their home aren’t limited to the paint colors of the walls. You can also paint your ceiling a bold color. 

Adding your favorite color to your ceiling will be an instant mood boost. Every time you walk into your home and look up, you’ll be reminded of the best parts of the world.

Jewel tones such as emerald and ruby red add a feeling of regality to the room. You can continue this royal color by adding accents such as color coordinating picture frames or throw pillows of the same color. 

In rustic homes or for those who love the farmhouse aesthetic, you can stain your wooden beams a rich walnut or mahogany color to attract the viewer’s eyes to them. This look creates a nice feature piece and a cozy, cabin-like feel. 

Beams and ducts can be painted a bold color as well. Bright blues, yellows, and orange add an exciting dose of color on your ceiling. 

Decorative ceilings have been a feature in historic buildings for centuries. If you’re no Michaelangelo, there’s no reason to fret. There are a lot of options for prints online that you can adhere to your ceiling. These could be replicas of historic paintings, skyline depictions, or even picturesque nature scenes. Some prints arrive with adhesives attached, or you may have to apply your own glue and sealant. 

Whether you choose to go bold or keep things basic, the decision is all your own. Homes are often thought of as a reflection of ourselves to our visitors. However, your visitors don’t live with you. The only opinion that really matters is the opinion of whoever has to look at the ceiling every day. 

You shouldn’t shy away from following trends or picking a paint color that isn’t fashionable. Paint is reversible. Do what suits you and your home. 

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