Should You Add Color to Your Warehouse?

Should You Add Color to Your Warehouse?

Warehouses serve many purposes. Commercially, they can be used for manufacturing, storage, and even as a store front. Personally, they can be living spaces or storage areas. 

The choice of adding color to these spaces is heavily dependent on what the warehouse’s function is. 

Commercial Setting

When operating a business out of a warehouse, you want to spruce up the area by painting. As a manufacturing space, it can be quite grim for you and your employees to stare at the same bleak gray walls every day. Morale boost may not seem like it would be the result of painting a room, but studies have shown that the colors around us influence our mood. 

Red is a stimulating color. It engages the mind, and it is used in many different commercial spaces. For calming vibes, consider a shade of blue. Blue reminds us of the never-ending sky. That is a much better picture to imagine than concrete walls and limited windows. The color green can have the same effect. Green reminds the viewer of lush outdoor greenery. This imagery provides a soothing effect to those who enjoy the outdoors. Yellow has long been thought of as a happy color. It’s akin to the sun, it makes us think of school buses and childhood memories, and energizes the person seeing it. 

When using a warehouse as a store front for your business, it’s extremely important to paint the interior as well as the exterior when permitted. If you approached a business that was an unsightly shade of gray, you wouldn’t be drawn toward the space. You may even be deterred from the store because bleak colors are commonly associated with dilapidation. 

The colors of your warehouse represent your business, and they are a direct reflection of you. 

Personal Settings

Considering reflections of ourselves, the same can be said for warehouses that are utilized for personal reasons. 

If you converted a warehouse into a living space, you’d want it to look like a home. This homey feeling is easily obtained with the addition of color. 

Waking up every day to view concrete or metal walls will make you feel like a prisoner in your own home. Adding color to your wall coverings is the easiest way to achieve a cozy feel. 

Colors can also be used to separate different living spaces when you’re unable to construct walls to divide them. Maybe your kitchen area has white walls while your entertainment space is a bright yellow. Your master bedroom could be a soothing blue or lilac while your guest room is a neutral color. 

If you utilize a warehouse strictly for storage, you may not think there is a need to paint. On the contrary, this space will be the home away from home for your belongings. Do you want them residing in a dingy, desolate warehouse? Or do you want to feel invited in every time you enter the warehouse? Perhaps you won’t visit it often, but it does feel more welcoming when a space is alive with color. 

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