Creating a Holiday Wall: Should I Paint or Use Accessories?

Creating a Holiday Wall: Should I Paint or Use Accessories?

Using paint on a holiday wall is a great way to draw more attention to your decor. The contrast of the paint color you choose against the backdrop of the rest of the room is a great look for any holiday season. Here are a few fun ideas for what you can do with your holiday wall this year.

Paint as a Backdrop

Using a solid-color paint as your backdrop is the easiest way to add a splash of color to your holiday wall. You could go in almost any direction with a simple backdrop color, easily pulling off any kind of style from a classic homey style to a minimalist one. Add any decorations you want around the backdrop and you’ll have an easy yet festive decoration.

If you don’t want to spend too much money, try using the backdrop to tape up any holiday cards you receive as the season progresses. It’s a great, festive way to use the cards and they won’t just form a pile on your table. For another low-budget option, you could draw or print out some of your own holiday-themed art or calligraphy and tape it against the backdrop.

Chalk Paint

If you’re looking for an option that you can use for holiday walls year-round, you should consider painting one wall with chalk paint. You could use this wall to draw holiday-inspired images or write common holiday phrases or messages. If there isn’t a good space for you to paint a large chalk wall, you could outline a smaller portion of the wall in painter’s tape and make a smaller chalk wall.

Use the space around the chalk wall to decorate with accessories. If you’ve gone with a smaller-size chalk wall, you could buy a cheap frame and hang it around where you’ve painted. Try attaching holiday decorations around the frame, such as fake flowers, leaves, or cut-out snowflakes. Get creative with it! It will be easy to switch out frames for every holiday season and you can easily erase what’s on the chalk paint and create something new.

Painting a Design

You might rather have your entire holiday wall be painted with a design as opposed to using a flat painted background or a chalk paint background. This would be great for a home that doesn’t have a lot of room for decorations as the holiday wall will not take up any extra space. Remember that whatever you paint, you’re probably going to want to take down in a few months once the season is over.

A good alternative is to try painting a few small canvases instead of one large painting. This way, you can build up your wall in smaller steps and can see it grow and change as the season goes on. If you have several smaller paintings, you could even transition slowly into the next season and keep a holiday wall going all year around.

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