Should I Paint My Ceiling the Same as the Wall Color?

Should I Paint My Ceiling the Same as the Wall Color?

People often wonder what the rules are for painting the ceiling. Should it match the walls? Should it be a different color? The reality is that paint has a huge impact on the look and feel of a room. Even if you never actually look up at the ceiling, its color will impact how the room feels when you walk inside. The color that you should paint your ceiling will depend on the look and feel you desire for the room.

Painting a Ceiling White

Ceilings are often painted white in standard homes. Using flat white paint gives the room more dimension and leaves the ceiling in the background without drawing attention to it. It also helps to disguise any imperfections in the ceiling. If you have crown molding and other trim in the room, it can also be painted white to tie the room together. People often use a flat paint on the ceiling and a semi-gloss or high-gloss finish for the trim.

Matching the Ceiling to the Walls

When you match the ceiling paint to the color of the walls, it will make the room feel smaller and more intimate, especially when you use a darker color. People use this option in bedrooms or a closet. If you want to use the same color for the ceiling and the walls without making the space feel smaller, you can choose a lighter color. 

If you have a large room with vaulted or angled ceilings, you can use the same color on the walls and the ceiling to help bring the room together. It will minimize the distractions from the shape of the ceiling and cause you to focus on your furniture and décor. You can also separate the ceiling from the walls with molding and trim that can be painted white or another color that complements the color on the walls and ceiling.

Painting the Ceiling a Lighter Shade

Another option is to paint your ceiling a lighter shade than the wall. You can choose the same color family and go two to three shades lighter. This will make a small room with a low ceiling feel bigger and open it up. It will give you a low-contract look with subtle changes in tone, and you can use the trim to separate the walls from the ceiling. 

Painting the Ceiling a Darker Shade

Finally, you can paint the ceiling a darker shade. This technique can create a high contrast, and you will generally want to use a color two to three shades darker. This style will make your room feel more intimate, and it allows you to create a striking contrast with the crown molding and trim. If you want a dramatic look, try a deep brown, charcoal gray, or navy blue. This can be a sophisticated look. You can choose whichever style is best for you and your

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