The Importance of a New Paint Job for Your Business

The Importance of a New Paint Job for Your Business

Many businesses discuss their decorations and amenities and wonder if they should upgrade or save money. Will the choice to paint really attract more customers or is it money wasted? There are several reasons why you should maintain your business’s appearance and trendiness that will pay off in the end.

How Old Paint Can Drive Customers Away

There is an old saying about people judging a book by its cover. We are told not to do so but in reality, we evaluate people all the time by their appearance.

This principle applies to businesses as well. If the paint is peeling and looks bad, there are some opinions made about that business:

  • They cut corners.
  • Business must be on the decline.
  • Something is wrong with this business.
  • This business is dated and out of touch with the public.

Again, none of these things may be true but people avoid businesses all the time based on their appearance. There are many competitors out there for your business. Of course, you want to give customers reasons to come into your store, not to turn away to another store because of the presentation or aesthetics.

The Truth About a New Coat of Paint

A new coat of paint captures the imagination. How many times have you walked into a building with fresh paint and noticed the smell? It gets your attention and speaks to fresh, clean, and new. You want to emulate these qualities in your business.

The right color of paint can communicate trendiness. Be bold and take risks! Be aware of what appeals to others and pay attention to any customer feedback.

The right coat of paint can actually help catch your attention. Research shows that the brain picks up on yellow first. Other bright colors help attract attention. This means that the color you use can actually help bring customers to your business.

The color you use can lift the spirits of others. Some people identify colors with moods. Orange makes them happy. Blue makes them sad. Choose a happy color and your customers may just be happier!

A new coat of paint is also a good investment. Studies show that many surfaces that are painted often are protected better from the elements and longer-lasting. That will save you money down the road in things such as repair costs for rotting, damaged wood or crumbling stucco. Think of it as money spent today that will save you down the road.

No matter the reason why you choose to repaint, there are indeed many benefits to repainting your business. In a time when brick-and-mortar businesses are declining, there is more reason than ever to pay attention to the small details — such as painting — to give you an edge over your competition and launch your business into the next wave of growth.

Enjoy this fun time of painting and may your business enjoy many years of success!

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