How Reflective Paints for Your Hotel Can Help Save on Energy Costs

Are you tired of having to send off a large portion of your profits to the electric company at the end of every month? Running a high-quality hotel means going above and beyond to keep your guests happy and comfortable, but knowing that so much of what you earn will be sent right back to pay for things such as air conditioning can be devastating. However, adding certain features to your hotel can actually end up saving you a tremendous amount of money in the long run. Reflective paints have now been developed to help keep sunlight from being absorbed into your building, heating things up and causing you to spend more and more on climate control. Here are just a few of the different ways this amazing new product can help reduce your energy costs starting today.

The Perfect Reflection  

These paints were developed by adding infrared pigments directly into the paint, which add as a reflector, helping to keep out the sunlight from your building from the very first day it’s applied. This means that you’ll see immediate effects on the amount of air conditioning you need to use to reach that perfect temperature. Your guests will feel nice and refreshed every time they walk into your hotel without you having to pay an arm and a leg for that comfort.

Long Lasting 

Another serious benefit to this particular paint choice will be the lifespan that it’s able to bring to the table. These paints will last anywhere from 12 to 15 years without having to be retouched if provided with the proper maintenance which is just as long, and sometimes longer, than standard paint options. This means that once your investment is made, you can rest assured knowing that it will last you for a number of years, helping to keep your costs low for over a decade.

Wide Range of Colors 

While this paint was originally designed to come only in white, this quickly became a serious challenge for many as it would reflect much too harshly and impact the comfort of neighbors or even low flying planes. However, new technologies have made it possible for this paint to be developed in a number of different colors including gray, beige, red, green, blue, and many more. You’ll be able to find the perfect shade to give your hotel the ideal look you’ve been hoping for without having to compromise on energy efficiency whatsoever.

Better for the Environment 

Many hotel guests are now incredibly aware of the impact their travels can have on the environment, which has caused a massive shift in people looking for hotels that aim to keep their environmental impact as low as possible. When you apply this particular paint to your walls, you can rest assured knowing that you’ll be making a significant change to your energy efficiency for the better and guests will be sure to take note of and appreciate that fact.

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