Kitchen Repainting

What Color Should I Paint My Kitchen?

This is a question that millions of homeowners ask themselves each year as they go about their renovations and home makeovers. For the renovator on a budget, a simple color change is something that can completely transform the look and feel of a kitchen. The right shade of gray, for example, can turn an otherwise uninteresting room into something sophisticated.

Alternately, a deep shade of red can change your outdated kitchen from something out-of-date into something beautiful and dramatic. Once you know what you want to do with your space, you can spend less time hunting through possible colors and more time enjoying your newly altered kitchen.

A Pleasant Grass Green

Kitchens have been where the action happens inside a home since their creation, and certain colors can help you achieve a classic attractive look. A medium green, such as Farrow & Ball Breakfast Room Green No. 81, will give your kitchen a chic classic feel and help guests feel invited and comfortable. This color is neither too soft nor overly dramatic, leaving your kitchen the perfect space to enjoy a pleasant atmosphere and many laughs with family and friends.

Soft Gray for Cabinets

A soft gray for your cabinets is an amazing way to make a quiet, sophisticated statement to your guests and family. A light gray that is neither too green nor too blue will turn your kitchen into a contemporary space that at once feels modern and inviting. Some may incorrectly believe that gray is a boring color, but it is a beautiful choice for cabinetry and gorgeous when paired with other colors. Consider a gray with a satin finish for a completed look. For an interesting contrast, you may want to think about brass hardware, but the color itself is enough to change a kitchen for the better.

Deep Blue

Your lower cabinetry may benefit from a darker color than the rest of the space. A dark blue can add a bit of pop to an otherwise uneventful space and help achieve a more classic and aristocratic appeal. This darker hue is even more beautiful when paired with a white or very light color for the upper cabinets. The contrast in color will give the eyes something to explore when guests and family first enter the room and promote a relaxed and comfortable feeling.

Earthy Reds

A rich earthy red is something anyone would find attractive. There is a reason that red was the first color given a name in all languages known to man. This color is something that connects with the human spirit and invokes a warm comforting feeling. While bright glossy reds can be dramatic and loud, a muted earthy red will allow you to feel more relaxed within your kitchen and promote calmer thoughts. Consider this color for your island to give your kitchen a more pointed focus.

Whatever colors you choose in the end, remember that your tastes matter above all others. Whether you want to create a classic theme or go for something entirely wild, only you can make that decision. Invite your children to offer their opinions, as their imaginations are often more fun and interesting than that of an adult’s. Create something you will feel proud to cook in.


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