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How To Properly Repair Wood Rot On Your Home’s Exterior

How To Properly Repair Wood Rot On Your Home’s Exterior

Sometimes during the preparation for exterior painting, you might run into wood that is already rotting or softening by the weather, mold or water. Wet wood can also mean more termites, which obviously brings disastrous consequences for wood. If you do happen to have some trouble with termites, contact Terminix termite control. Usually, a lot of wood rot is never visible until you have cleaned, scraped and sanded the house. How do you repair wood rot?

So what do you do in case you run time such a scenario? This can certainly present two problems for you. Number one, this rot may be an indication of a compromised structural strength of the house. On the other hand, it will increase the amount of work you need to do on the house including costing. A few things to note;

Time of Discovery.

It is vital to point out the time when you found the rot. This is particularly important for your contacts with the painter and in some cases with your insurance agency.

Extent/Type of Damage.

What type of wood is on the house? Is it the same type of wood the same all over the house? What were the particular hazards that precipitated this rot? Is the area prone to wood rot on houses? Is there an indication that you need to conduct an inspection all over the house? What will the damage cost? Should I be switching to plastic wood beams instead?

Rotted Wood Column

Persistent Wood Rot.

There are regions which have high humidity and many varieties of mold that infest wood houses. You also have to find out if the type of paint used is what has exposed the surface to rot. In that case, you might have to shop for a special type of timber or a special type of paint that will help minimize the hazards for that particular place. You can always use composite wood which is a blend of wood/fibre, plastic and binding agents that do not rot or rust.

Wooden Rot Repair

Repair Wood Rot or Replace.

When dealing with a rot you have to invoke the services of a certified technician. A good assessment will determine whether the wood needs repair and reinforcement. In some cases, you might need to replace the wood. Other times a good coat of high-quality paint stem the damage. Overall you need to figure out the right cause and solution for the rot that you encountered.

Basic Rot Prevention Tips.

First, you need to ensure that all sides of the wood receive a coat of paint. Secondly, you need to inspect the caulking for failure which might cause leaking and lead to rust. Another cause for the rotting may be because of an ongoing water leak from the roof. It might be worth checking the roof and looking at the round rock roof repair companies to see who can repair it for you. Thirdly, regularly inspect how the paint is holding on to ensure the points where the paint has chipped is repainted soon enough. Lastly, ensure that you get properly functioning gutters to guarantee proper flow of water away from the roof & foundation of your home.

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