Indianapolis Colts Football

Are You Ready For Some Indianapolis Colts Football?!

Are you ready for some Indianapolis Colts Football?!

Everyone knows that fall means Indianapolis Colts Football – especially when you live in Indianapolis where a number of people are still debating (if not recovering) from last year’s infamous Deflate Gate. I know, the mere mention of that embarrassing 45-7 loss to the Patriots is enough to make any Colt-loving Hoosier vomit, but it is what it is. It’s over. Sing along with Disney’s hit song from Frozen and “Let it Go”. Besides, there’s no need to dwell on the past when we’re about to jump into a new season full of promise and a team that many leading football analysts say have an excellent shot at making Super Bowl 50.

So what makes the Colts good enough for a 2016 Super Bowl bid?

Lots of really, really good players, that’s what – starting with quarterback Andrew Luck. In his second year out of college, Luck had an impressive 2014 and showed up strong and accurate as ever for the Colts 2015 two-week long training camp that ended early August. With a good completion rate and not one interception during the first five days, it would appear that Luck and his receivers have the kind of connection needed to be a viable championship contender.

But there’s more to the Colts offense than a solid passing game. They’re also good on the ground and solid component to the Colts armory comes from the addition of 10-year veteran running back Frank Gore. Gaining an average of just over four yards per carry last season, the 32-year old free agent from San Francisco should lend some heavy power to the Colt’s offensive – especially if he can line up behind the 2011 first round draft pick, starting left tackle Anthony Castonzono.

But what about that 36-10 loss to the Eagles?

True. The Colts lost their preseason opener to the Philadelphia Eagles, but Luck only played 11 of the 74 plays and threw a mere six passes – of which he completed five. Other non-players included Frank Gore, and Luck’s go to wide receiver, T.Y. Hilton. So don’t let this one loss discourage you – remember its preseason.

As for the regular season, with any luck (no, that was not an intentional pun) they’ll be ready to go when they face off against two of the best defensive ends in the game – Buffalo Bills Mario Williams and Jerry Hughes – who last year combined for 24.5 sacks during the regular season and ended ranked fifth and fifteenth in quarterback sacks overall.

More on Gore

There are only three players in the history of the NFL, to average four or more yards per carry over eight successive seasons, having at least 200 carries – Jim Brown, Barry Sanders and Frank Gore. He is also a five-time Pro Bowler and having helped the 49ers reach the NFC championship game in 2011, and a subsequent Super Bowl appearance in 2012, Gore is no stranger to success. His presence on and off the field is one that Indianapolis Colts fans should be looking forward to.

As for the other remaining aforementioned “really, really good players”, although lack of space and time doesn’t allow for everyone to be mentioned here – alas, you’re sure to hear many Colts names mentioned in the Monday morning follow-up broadcasts and newspaper articles recapping the highlights of Sunday NFL games. And if you’re not much of a regular-season football fan, plan to tune in and watch Super Bowl 50, February 7th on CBS – you’ll hear the rest of their names then.

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