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The 3 Top Fears of Interior Painting

The Top Three Fears of Interior Painting

A lot of people dread taking on a major paint project, like redoing their home’s interior paint – they worry about picking the right colors, choosing the right sheen, and the cost of the project among other things. And it can be overwhelming. If it all gets too much, there are services like House Painter Brisbane, who would be able to complete the job with ease. But with a little knowledge, you can rest assured that your paint project will have just the right finish you want – be it a high-shine bright red, or a basic flat white. Here, the top three fears people face when considering repainting their home’s interior:

  1. What colors should I choose?

    First of all, don’t let color scare you. Paint is – relatively speaking – an inexpensive tool for updating and or changing the entire look and feel of your home. So if you’ve always admired the dark navy dining room you saw in the pages of a home design magazine, why not try it yourself? Because if you don’t like it, you can always repaint it. It’s not wallpaper and it isn’t structural. With this being said, as it can be as easy as using peel and stick wallpaper, for example, to switch up the wallpaper. This may not be as tough as some people may initially think. With painted walls, this can help make a room look larger, or smaller; it can enhance a particular area or downplay one if that’s your goal. It can help make a room feel warm and inviting, or calming and serene.
    And if you do decide to try that navy blue but feel frustrated by all the different hues, you can count on Flora Brother’s to help narrow down your choices. With the color selection process, we offer a COMPLIMENTARY color consultation from our color consultant/decorator. Just one of the ways we try to make your overall panting experience a good one and one that you’ll be happy with.

  1. What sheen or paint finish should I choose and where should they go?

There’s lots to consider when choosing a paint’s sheen level for your home’s interior. Fortunately, there’s some basic rules that can help you decide which ones will work best in the kitchen and which will look best in a formal dining room. Here’s a quick guide that will help you pick the right paint, for the right room.

  • FLAT A flat finish paint is denser than other finishes and has a more refined look once applied. It is the least shiny of all paints making it ideal for ceilings and interior rooms that don’t get a lot of traffic. But if you have small children – think peanut butter fingers and crayons – be extremely cautious when choosing this paint as the only way to “clean” fingerprints and their precious drawings from the wall, is to paint over them.
  • EGGSHELL An eggshell paint is good to use if you need to cover wall imperfections. It is basically a flat paint with a no-shine finish similar to an eggshell, hence its namesake. This paint cleans better than a pure flat paint, but it’s still not a good choice for rooms where walls might get scuffed or bumped into. Eggshell finishes are often used in formal dining rooms and living rooms.
  • SATIN This type of paint is reasonably easy to clean. Minor scuffs will wash off, but major ones that require scrubbing will not. Not a good choice for a kids playroom, but can be used for hallways, kid’s bedrooms, entryways, and some family rooms. Satin finish paints are the most widely used for interiors and have a moderate shine.
  • SEMI-GLOSS A great choice for kitchens and bathrooms, a semi-gloss lends a delicate shine to walls once applied. It’s the perfect option for the places where you live the most. It’s easy to clean and holds up well against moisture and spaghetti sauce splatters. This higher sheen paint is also good for doors, window trim and crown moldings. The downfall to using a semi-gloss though is that it can show every imperfection in the wall. So make sure your walls are in tip-top shape before applying a semi-gloss.
  • HIGH GLOSS If you love the shiny look, then this is the right choice for you. This paint is highly versatile, super easy to clean and can be used for everything from staircase spindles to cabinets to junior’s playroom.
  1. How much is this going to cost?

Like anything, there is no straight answer – the cost of your interior painting job depends on the size of the rooms, the number of walls, the type of paint chosen (typically the higher the sheen, the more expensive the paint), how much prep-work needs to be done (think nail holes caulked, dents filled in), the amount of paint that needs to be used for proper coverage (covering a dark wall with a light color takes more paint), etc.

BUT, one things for sure, when you choose a professional painting company like Flora Brothers, you can rest assured that every penny spent will be worth it. We don’t take short cuts. And we don’t skimp on the process. And you’ll know going in, exactly how much the finished job will cost. We take great care in providing you accurate estimates – because here at Flora Brothers, we believe that’s all part of making your painting experience a good one.

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