Deck Maintenance 101: How To Properly Care For Your Deck.

How To Properly Care For Your Deck

When it comes to deck maintenance and patio maintenance, its best to call the professionals

These days, everybody wants to be a “Do It Yourselfer”. Heck, HGTV even has an entire program structured around the extreme hobbyist. But, while you can learn some great stuff from the DIY Network. There are definitely some things that should be left in the hands of professionals. Especially when it comes to taking care of your home’s exterior surfaces and your outdoor living space. And now that spring is finally upon us, and you’re itching to get back outside. Let the professionals handle your deck, patio or driveway maintenance. Such professionals include Action Home Services, with specialization in services like Driveway sealing, interlock repair and producing decks and fences. Obviously, the type of service you require is completely individual to you and your garden.

First things first, power wash

Why you need an expert to power wash your outdoor living space

We’ve seen decks ruined by people that power wash their own decks, sometimes to the point of ruining them completely. A lot of people think it’s a pretty straightforward thing to power wash a deck or patio. There’s actually a lot more to it. You need to have the right tip, use the right cleaning solution, pick the right sealant, and you need to know how to apply the sealant. Using a clear, semi-transparent sealer is best such as Cabot, Superdeck Deck & Dock, or Sikkens.

But there’s more to it than just picking the right tools or product from Air Compressors USA. You also need to use them correctly – that’s where it pays to call in professionals like Flora Brothers Painting.

First, we’ll make sure the cleaning, power washing, and all prep work is done properly. Companies in New Smryna Beach understand this process well. Then when it comes time to seal your deck, we’ll roll and backbrush to allow for better stain penetration into the wood. And lastly, we’ll present you with a deck or patio so pristine you’ll never want to go indoors again. All you need to do once it’s clean is get yourself some metal garden furniture online and put it in pride of place on your deck or patio to enjoy the sunny days.

But Flora Brothers Painting does more than just power wash and clean your outdoor living areas, we do everything when it comes to deck maintenance. Before getting down to the nitty gritty, we’ll inspect your deck or fence for rotted wood, severely dry or cracked wood, loose boards, screws or nails. And we’ll fix any problems we can. And if there’s something we can’t fix, we work closely with some other local companies that we can recommend.

So remember, Flora Brothers Painting does more than just power wash decks and patios. We can also help you with, deck maintenance, deck staining, privacy fence staining, pressure spraying, deck cleaning, fence cleaning, and exterior home maintenance.

Call Flora Brothers Painting now and schedule a time for us to come out and help get your outdoor living area in tip top condition – not only will your deck or patio sparkle like new, but by letting us tackle this project, you’ll have more time to watch HGTV.

Four things you might not know about deck maintenance

  1. You don’t have to wait until summer

It’s never too early to start thinking about deck maintenance. Typically the temperature only needs to be above forty five degrees to start the power washing and staining process, so you don’t have to wait until summer. As long as it’s dry out, we can start.

  1. You can damage your deck if you don’t know what you’re doing

Not only can you push more water into the wood by using the wrong tip, but you can also damage the surface by using the wrong cleaner. But you can rest assured that Flora Brothers Painting uses only top notch products that literally do the scrubbing for us so you don’t have to worry about any scrapping or denting of the wood.

  1. You need to sand after washing

A lot of do it yourselfers don’t think about this. But it’s a key step in the whole deck maintenance process. Proper sanding is important so the pores in the wood don’t close and then prohibit the stain from taking.

  1. Your deck needs to “sit” before sealing

After power washing a deck it’s crucial that you allow ample drying time before applying sealant. The moisture meter needs to sense a moisture level of fifteen percent or less, before sealant can be spread over the surface. And it’s important to note that this can take anywhere from two to five days, so make sure you plan accordingly when calling to schedule your deck maintenance appointment.

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