Repaint Your Commercial Rental Property in Indianapolis

You should always repaint your rental property after tenants move out. Nothing makes a property appear fresh and clean better than a coat of paint, and it will attract new tenants to your property. In addition, painting is one of the least expensive home improvements a landlord can do. Here are some ways to freshen    […]

Condos Need Paint Too… Attract More Tenants with a New Paint Job

All homeowners know how important it is to keep up with their interior and exterior paint jobs. It helps show off how well cared for and maintained their homes are. However, all too often condo landlords let things like paint fall to the wayside, which can ultimately have a profound impact on tenant interest and    […]

Color Trends for Your Office Spaces: Tips for Property Managers

If you’re looking to create the perfect office space that your clients will be sure to love, then there is a wide range of factors that you’ll need to take into consideration. However, there can be no doubt that one of the most important factors that will make an immediate impression will be the color    […]

Paint Color Options for Your Commercial Real Estate Tenants

When it comes to renting out a site for commercial purposes, the overall look and appearance can make a world of difference in terms of the amount of interest you get for the property. You want to make sure that your real estate is considered prime for whatever your future tenants plan to use it    […]

How to Choose a Painting Company for Property Management

Maybe you have just acquired a new property with the intention of overhauling and transforming it into an elite office building or apartment complex for upscale clients. Maybe you have held this property for some time and it is, thus, sorely in need of refurbishment. Maybe you are an experienced landlord, and maybe you’re new    […]

Eco-Friendly Painting Options for Your Warehouse

Considering the state of today’s world, there is plenty of reason for people to try and take a more eco-friendly approach to living life. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways that you can do this. Some people opt to change how they transport themselves whereas other people change how they decorate their homes. If you    […]

Freshen Your Hotel with Paint

If you own or run a hotel, it’s important that your customers are happy so they keep coming back. Times are tough for all businesses, and it’s important to ensure that you keep your business looking great. Of course, hotels tend to get run down pretty quickly because they get a lot of use, but    […]

Tips for Corrosion Control of Your Warehouse

When you own a warehouse, being able to keep your space from rusting and corroding will be incredibly important for the success of your business. The quality of every single thing stored within your warehouse will be completely dependent on your ability to keep the area in the best possible condition, but this can be    […]