Prevent Water Damage with Proper Caulking and Sealing

Prevent Water Damage with Proper Caulking and Sealing

You can prevent water damage by properly caulking and sealing your home. People know that caulking looks attractive because it creates a smooth transition between two surfaces, but the important thing is that it seals those surfaces so dust, dirt, and water cannot seep between them. If you have two pieces of wood that meet,    […]

Improve Your Commercial Warehouse with Updated Ceiling Paint

Improve Your Commercial Warehouse with Updated Ceiling Paint

Your commercial warehouse is an important building where you store inventory and equipment. Your ceilings might be dark and dingy, and nothing will freshen them up and make your space look clean the way that a fresh coat of paint will.  Often warehouse ceilings and walls are neglected because the building is more functional than    […]

The Importance of Your Building's Paint Design

The Importance of Your Building’s Paint Design

The color palette used in a movie’s settings can play a huge role in setting the tone and conveying a director’s sense of style. The brightly-colored interiors and buildings in musicals such as Les Demoiselles de Rochefort, Moulin Rouge, and La La Land underscore the saccharine, romanticized, almost dream-like tone of each film. By contrast,    […]

What We Consider When Painting an Occupied Building

What We Consider When Painting an Occupied Building

Painting an occupied building is a process that differs drastically from painting an almost-empty room in a brand-new house. There are so many more factors to be aware of, such as making sure that the paint remains in a safe location, that there is access to all important parts of the building, and ultimately, making    […]

Three Problems a Commercial Painter Can Solve

Few things are more important to your company’s present and future than your very place of business itself. You may have the best ideas, the finest staff, and a great vision, but if you’re stuck with an office building that looks like a rundown dump, your colleagues and any potential clients will be none too    […]

Avoid These Common Mistakes When Painting Kitchen Cabinets

If your kitchen is looking old and tired, a lick of paint on the kitchen cabinets can really make a difference. A good job can really freshen up your kitchen and lend it a style that can catch the eye of visitors. The problem is that many homeowners rush into this job thinking that it’s    […]

Questions Property Managers Should Ask Their Professional Painter

Property managers usually have a checklist to go through before filling a property after a tenant has left. This can include things such as changing the locks, swapping out carpet, and painting the walls. Some property managers have onsite staff that does these things while others bring in outside contractors. When using those outside contractors,    […]

How Should I Prepare My Cabinets to Be Painted?

Sooner or later, we all look to make a change in our homes. This can come in a number of different ways but one of the most common is to update a room. The kitchen is one of those rooms that most commonly sees this change. The problem here is that some of us want    […]

What Is the Best Type of Paint for Kitchen Cabinets?

There can come a time when your kitchen feels a bit outdated and desperately in need of a change. The problem is, a full kitchen remodel is outlandishly expensive; in the mid-five figures at the very least. Not all of us have that kind of coin to throw at a remodel. The good news is    […]