• Prevent Water Damage with Proper Caulking and Sealing
You can prevent water damage by properly caulking and sealing your home. People know that caulking looks attractive because it creates a smooth transition between two surfaces, but the important thing is that it seals those surfaces so dust, dirt, and water cannot seep between them. If you have two pieces of wood that meet, but they aren’t sealed, water can seep between them, which can lead to water damage.


How to Choose Caulk

You can buy caulk for indoor or outdoor use, and it comes in different colors. If you are caulking an outdoor area, such as your roof or the siding on your home, you should use an outdoor caulk because it is tough and made to withstand harsh weather. This will help you avoid water damage and the need to do restoration work later on.

Indoor caulk is made for surfaces that are unlikely to get wet, and they make it easier to paint. However, when you are caulking in a bathroom or near your kitchen sink, you should use a caulk that is designated for this job. 

Using the Caulk

Once you have chosen the correct kind of caulk for the job, you need to cut the tip first. You should cut it at a 45 degree angle. Start with a small snip and make small cuts until the hole is the size you want it to be for the job. You should be careful not to make the hole too big, because a large hole can cause a number of problems and make a big mess.

Once you have cut the tip, squeeze a smooth line of caulk along the seam. Be ready with a damp rag so you can clean up any mess right away. You can run your finger over the caulk to make sure that it covers the entire seam. Don’t worry about getting caulk on your hands because it will wash right off, and running your finger over it is the easiest way to make sure that the seam is completely covered. Wipe your fingers off on a damp towel, and you can wipe away any caulk that is outside of the seam.

Final Words

It can take some practice to learn how to caulk, but anyone can do it. It is a great skill to have so you can protect your home. Make sure that you choose the correct caulk for the job so you will receive the full benefits of caulking. 

Caulking is an important part of home protection. You should caulk between seams indoors, especially in bathrooms and kitchens. You should use caulk outdoors along your roof seams as well to give your roof added protection. 

Caulking is pretty simple once you know how to do it, and you can clean up right away to make sure that it doesn’t get stuck on areas where you don’t want it. Wash your rag with warm water and soap when you finish so you can use it again later. 

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