• The Importance of Your Building's Paint Design
The color palette used in a movie’s settings can play a huge role in setting the tone and conveying a director’s sense of style. The brightly-colored interiors and buildings in musicals such as Les Demoiselles de Rochefort, Moulin Rouge, and La La Land underscore the saccharine, romanticized, almost dream-like tone of each film. By contrast, the sleek minimalist white aesthetic in sci-fi films and dark brooding interiors in horror films help make these worlds come alive.


In this case, life imitates art, and you too can help your interior come alive. Indeed, there are few things that can have a greater impact on your building design and your color choice – and here’s how.

Setting the Right Mood

As alluded to above, bright and dark color schemes can have a huge impact on the mood of a given room, and thus our own mood when we enter it. 

That said, there’s a lot more to it than just saying bright colors are “positive” and darker tones “negative.” Whole rooms done in bright blues, pinks, and neon greens may play well for an exuberant musical, but for an everyday home they can feel exhausting, and in an office space it can seem cartoonish and unprofessional. By contrast, darker colors aren’t just for Bat Caves and brooding Bronte adaptations. On the contrary, they can provide some needed contrast with light colors to help them “pop.”

Ultimately, a successful color scheme should serve your business design, not the other way around.

Interior Décor

One thing to keep in mind about choosing paint colors for your business’s interior design scheme is that you’ll have to be in the presence of that color scheme all day long. You, thus, need to make sure it isn’t something too distracting. At the same time, a dull color scheme can leave clients thinking your company is out of date.

One useful trick is to use colors that are part of your company logo and aesthetic in your color scheme. For example, if you have bright blues or greens in your company’s logo or lettering, you might consider implementing those colors for hallways or as paint trim.

Calm, warm colors such as creams and beiges can also be a nice way to brighten up a space while keeping it professional.

Exterior Décor

Your exterior paint scheme is one of the first things people will notice about your company. It should, thus, be both professional as well as eye-catching. You also need to take into account that exterior paint is exposed to the elements and, thus, fades, chips, and is splattered by mud and debris far easier and more so than interior paint.

As a result, you can often get away with brighter and bolder color schemes. Not only can this help your business stand out in a crowded business district, but since the color will likely fade or get a bit dingy due to the sun and elements, starting off brighter can give your paint job a longer, more vivid life span.

Taken together, these paint color business design tips can help you set the scene for corporate magic to occur.

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