There can come a time when your kitchen feels a bit outdated and desperately in need of a change. The problem is, a full kitchen remodel is outlandishly expensive; in the mid-five figures at the very least. Not all of us have that kind of coin to throw at a remodel.

The good news is that you don’t have to go through a complete remodel to freshen up your kitchen and give it a new look and feel. Best of all, you don’t have to replace anything, going through the grueling process of removing and installing hardware.

The key here is giving your kitchen cabinets a fresh coat of paint. With the right paint job, your kitchen cabinets can feel like completely new additions to what was an outdated kitchen design. Best of all is that it doesn’t cost very much and it requires just as little effort to pull off.

The real question here is “what paint is the right paint for kitchen cabinets?” Knowing which paint is best for each type of cabinet can help you achieve the right look that will give your kitchen the look that you have been after.

Pros and Cons of Oil-Based Paints

There are definitely pros and cons to both oil-based paints and latex-based paints. The best of the oil-based paints is that it has a more durable finish. Not that you can go around whacking it with a pipe, but a few bumps here and there won’t result in scratching that will drive you bonkers.

Speaking of that durability factor, oil-based paints do a good job of standing up to cleaning and scrubbing. If you have kids, this can be especially important as they are known to spill and mark things up. You can clean in confidence with an oil-based paint.

The downsides are small, but they exist no less. Some oil-based paints are prone to yellowing in lower light and they have higher levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Not only that, but they need up to 16 hours of dry time between coats.

Pros and Cons of Latex-Based Paints

With quicker drying times and low to no VOCs, you can paint several coats of latex-based paint in short order without having to worry about toxic fumes. Even better is that latex-based paint can safely adhere over the top of surfaces that were previously painted. That makes it easier to prep for a new paint job.

The downsides are that it requires a little more prep work for an even finish when painting over wood and it isn’t meant to stand up to frequent scrubbing.

Choosing the Right Paint

Ultimately, it depends on the type of cabinet that you have. Additionally, it depends on how much cleaning you think you might have to do. Latex is a quicker application, but not as durable. Oil-based takes longer, but is stronger.

Making the choice comes down to how much of a beating it will take and how patient you are willing to be.

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