You should always repaint your rental property after tenants move out. Nothing makes a property appear fresh and clean better than a coat of paint, and it will attract new tenants to your property. In addition, painting is one of the least expensive home improvements a landlord can do. Here are some ways to freshen up your rental property by repainting.

Color Selection

It is really important to use neutral, light color schemes. Your prospective tenants will choose your house over another if they can envision themselves living there. If you paint the walls hot pink or neon colors, many people will likely just walk away. Neutral and softer tones such as beige, grey, or cream will make the space seem bigger and more inviting. 

This applies to the trim as well. Whether you are repainting window trim, door trim, crown molding, or the ceiling, make sure it is a light, neutral color, and preferably a shade lighter than the walls. People who look at your rental will want value, and the larger the space appears, the more perceived value it will have.

Finally, try to use the same color throughout the house. If you need to do touch ups, you will not have to go through different paint cans to figure out which color you used. If your tenant asks to change the wall color, you can always have a clause in the lease that allows them to do so as long as they repaint the walls in a neutral color before they move out.

Focus on the Kitchen and Bathroom

If you have to focus on one or two areas of the house, make sure that you choose the bathroom or the kitchen, and preferably both. These rooms are the most important to most tenants. Paint makes any room feel fresh and clean, and a major draw for tenants is a clean bathroom or kitchen. Make sure that the cabinets are clean and free of marks and scratches. 

It is best to paint the kitchen neutral colors as well. Lighter neutral tones will brighten these important rooms, and these colors will make the space appear larger. 

What Kind of Paint to Choose

Paint comes in many different finishes, but you want to choose a semi-gloss when you repaint your rental property. Flat or matte paints cover blemishes, but they are difficult to clean. A semi-gloss is easy to wipe whenever there is a smudge or scuff mark. 

How to Paint it

You need to paint it the right way so that the paint job will last longer. In addition, you don’t want to make the paint job harder. First of all, if your paint doesn’t include primer, you will need to prime the walls. This is important so that the old color or stains can’t bleed through. 

Make sure that you paint the trim before you paint the walls, and use two coats of paint on the walls. The second coat will ensure that the walls are evenly painted. The key to successfully painting your rental property is to prepare by setting up drop cloths and using tape to make sure the lines are clean, have the right rollers and paint brushes, use neutral colors, and paint the trim first.

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