• Hotel Colors for a Dream Vacation Spot
In the hospitality industry, setting the right mood for your guests is absolutely crucial. Color plays a critical role in creating an overall feel and tone for your hotel, and it has a dramatic impact on the mindset of your guests as soon as they enter the space. As a hotel owner, it’s your responsibility to influence anyone who walks through your doors towards a more relaxed and enjoyable state of mind, so you must make sure that you have colors that create the ideal atmosphere. It’s incredibly important that you do everything you can to make your guests experience a stay worth remembering so that they’ll dream of coming back time and time again. Here are some different colors that you can consider and how they’ll affect your guests today.

Neutral Tans and Whites

When your guests first arrive to your hotel, you want them to immediately feel at ease, as if the weight of the world has been lifted off their shoulders. Neutral colors such as a pale tan or nude white can help create a warm and comforting space that will give your guests a sense of ease from the moment they step through your doors. Create a sense of calm that your guests will appreciate upon their arrival that will leave them wanting to discover more as their trip goes on.


If you offer a spa at your establishment, than blue is a great color to emphasize in this particular space. Blues give off a sense of peacefulness and serenity that will help your guests really get in the mindset of relaxation. Encourage them to feel at ease so that they can leave the concerns of their regular life far behind and embrace the paradise that your hotel represents. It very well might even have a physical effect, as this color has been shown to drastically lower blood pressure.


When it comes to creating the right atmosphere in your restaurant, red is definitely the way to go. This color will help you create an exciting and vibrant space that your guests will love to enjoy. The color red acts as a stimulant, and it will put your guests in the mood to really have a good time. Additionally, this color has been shown by experts to improve a person’s appetite. Therefore, it is absolutely ideal for spaces where you’re looking to serve food and drinks.  Create the ideal space for a great night out by using a color that evokes excitement.


When it comes to designing the perfect bedrooms for your guests, green color schemes are a great way to go. This color harkens back to nature and promotes comfort, tranquility, and ease, everything that you want your guests to feel in your rooms. Let your guests curl up in a warm and comfortable bed after a long night of great times and feel completely content and relaxed as they look back at the amazing vacation they’ve experienced whilst staying with you.

Colors can have a dramatic impact on the overall experience of your guests, so it’s absolutely critical that you make the right design choices and take colors heavily into consideration when creating the perfect dream hotel.

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