• Eliminate Drywall Flaws before Beginning Your Interior Painting Project
Are you looking to do a home improvement project soon? Giving your walls a new coat of paint is the perfect way to freshen up your living space because it is a relatively quick and affordable project. In some cases, however, a little bit more work needs to be done than just picking up some paint and putting it on the wall. If you live in an older home with uneven walls or damage to the drywall, you will want to smooth out the texture and eliminate any flaws that may exist. This will give you a blank palette for you to make your walls look gorgeous again.

Collect the Tools You Need

When it comes time to even out your drywall, you first need to collect the tools that you will need. Some of the tools to buy, rent, or borrow include sandpaper, a sanding pole, primer, compound powder, a bucket, and a drywall knife. All of these things can be found at your local home improvement store and should not be very pricey. Although it will definitely take more time for you to do this yourself than to hire someone to do it, it is not very difficult once you have all of the supplies. Just take your time, focus, and you will do just fine.

Even Out the Texture

Once you have gathered all of the supplies you need, it is time to begin the evening-out process. First, you are going to sand away any surface imperfections such as wallpaper residue. Then, you will spread a PVA primer on the wall, which helps makes the surface look and feel uniform. Next, you will mix some all-purpose compound powder in a bucket until it has a peanut butter-like consistency. Then, you will spread that onto any crevices or depressions in the wall and scrape it smooth with a drywall knife. This may take several coats. Let the compound dry and then lightly sand it. Repeat this process one to two more times until the wall is completely flat and uniform. After the last coat dries, sand it lightly again and put a paint primer on before the paint.

The Importance of Flat Drywall When Painting

Many people may not even give much thought to the state of their drywall before painting it. However, if your wall is not even, this could lead to a poor paint job. The paint may collect in some areas, appear thin in others, and even form drips. When you work so hard to paint your wall, you want to make sure that it will look good when you are finished; therefore, make sure to even out any uneven areas of your drywall before you begin painting.

Now that you know exactly what you need to even out your drywall and how to do it, you are all set to begin your project. With some patience and dedicated time, you will have it over with in no time. Your drywall will appear brand-new and you will love how nice it will look!

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