How to Pick the Perfect Curtains for your Home
Unlike your interior painting, curtains are often overlooked when adding some character to a room. Curtains can change lighting, and perception of space in a room. Choosing curtains is an art that many find tricky. When making a choice of appropriate curtains, you will have to look at a few other things.

You will most likely want your curtains to fit in the décor theme. This calls for matching the dominant color in the room. Pick a colors that accents your interior painting, or go for a color few shades darker. A brighter color will make a bold statement in the room. This works well for small rooms or rooms with a minimalist look.

The fabric of the curtains will affect the light filtering of the curtain. The quality of the fabric will determine how well it holds up under constant use. You can test the fabric of a material by holding at least 2 yards of the fabric up in the light. This way, you can test the light filtering effect of the fabric and its stiffness. If the fabric is too stiff, it will not work well. Linen, silk, and faux silk are some of the better fabrics that are flexible for use as curtains.

Room lighting settings
A room that gets a lot of sunlight is served well by neutral and cool colored curtains. If you need to keep the light out, go for heavier fabrics like velvet, suede and tapestry. The curtains can help you regulate the room temperature. Suede and velvet are good fabrics for keeping a room warm during winter as they are good insulators.

The traditional look has the curtain slightly puddled at the floor. If you want this look measure the length from 6 inches above the window frame to the floor, then add two or three inches to the total length.
A modern look has the curtain hanging up to a foot above the window frame but flush with the floor. Take measurement of the exact length needed for this flush clean look.

Consider the drapes
Curtain drapes will have to match the curtains and be at least an inch longer. This makes the wall space appear taller.

Custom vs. Store purchase
If your décor is unique, getting curtains that match the theme could be a bit difficult. In this case, having custom made curtains is better as you get to choose the fabric, color, line and pattern. This will cost you a bit more than what is available at the store.

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