• Six Tips for Picking Paint Colors for the Front Door and Trim
A quick way to give the exterior of a house a fresh look is to paint the entryway door and trim. However, choosing a color can be difficult because there are so many options. Here are six tips for choosing the best color for your doorway.

Choose a Contrasting Color

If the siding of your home is dark or the house is made from brick, you should consider choosing a lighter color for the door and trim. Conversely, if the siding is lighter in color, the door color should be darker. The contrasting color will draw attention to the doorway and make it the focal point of your house. If your house is already an eye-catching color, opt for a neutral color for the door and trim.

Consider Home’s Style

When you are looking at paint colors, consider the style of your house. If it’s a traditional style such as a colonial or an American foursquare, consider some sophistication by painting the door red or gray. However, if you want a color that helps your home stand out from the crowd, consider blue or gold for some vibrancy.

Set the Mood

The color of your front door can set the mood when you have visitors step onto your porch. Choosing a warm, inviting color can put people at ease. A cheery, vibrant shade can help them look forward to the visit and put them in a positive frame of mind. Not many people choose yellow for the front door but it is a cheery, bright color that can be very welcoming.

Consider Red Variations

Red is a common color for doors but most people choose the same shade, which is a darker red. There are many varieties of red that would look great on a front door and trim. A bright red door with black trim has a classic look or you could choose a rose red to complement the foliage on the porch and in the flower beds. However, if red doesn’t work for your house due to the exterior color, consider the varieties of blues or grays that are available.

Choose a Fun Color

There are no rules stating that you need to pick the same colors that everyone else does for house trim and doorways. Make people notice your house by choosing a fun color such as purple, orange, or pink. However, use it sparingly as those colors could quickly make your house look gaudy if you go overboard with them. Consider a darker shade of the color if there is a lot of trim to cover and go with the more vibrant shade for the door.

Consider Location

If you belong to a HOA or your home is in a historical district, there may be rules about what color you can paint the house. Review the rules to find which colors are recommended before going to the home improvement store to buy paint.

Adding a splash of color to your home will make it stand out from the street while giving your house a vibrant appearance.

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