• Six Things to Know Before Repainting a Shed
Having a shed on your property is a good way to store yard tools and keep the garage tidy. Depending on the age of your shed, you may need to consider repainting it because the paint can chip or the color can fade just as it does on your house. Here are six things you need to know before repainting a shed.

Shed Material

The first thing that you need to be aware of before repainting the shed is the material from which it is made. Different paint will be used depending on whether the shed is wood or metal. Also, if the shed is wood, then it may need repairs if pests such as termites have eaten away at it.

Wash the Shed

Painting a shed isn’t too much different than painting the exterior of your house so you would prepare the shed in much the same way. The first step in preparing to repaint the shed, regardless of the material from which it is made, is to wash it. A pressure washer can remove all of the dirt and debris from the roof to the bottom of the shed to prepare it for the next step.

Cover Area

As the shed is drying, make cleanup easier on yourself by covering the area around the shed with a tarp, plastic, or newspaper. Use rocks or bricks to hold it down so it won’t fly away while you’re working. Covering the ground keeps paint chips and fresh paint from getting on your lawn or any plants surrounding the shed.

Smooth Surface

Once the shed is dry, remove chipping or flaking paint and smooth down rough areas by scraping or sanding the surface. Smoothing the surface of the shed will help the paint adhere to it and prevent further paint chips or flakes. If the shed is metal, then you may need to remove rust with a wire brush or a belt sander.

Repair Shed

While you are going over the surface of the shed, take the opportunity to fill in dings or cracks on a wooden shed with wood putty or knock out the large dings on a metal shed with a rubber mallet. If there is rotted wood on the shed or damage from termites, then you will need to replace the damaged areas with fresh wood before you begin to paint. Also, you should have a pest control company spray the shed for termites if they are spotted to prevent them from going over to your garage and/or home and feasting on it.

Use Quality Paint

Before applying any paint, use a primer on the shed to cover the old color and any places that were repaired. Even though you may be tempted to buy cheap paint for the shed, buy a good-quality paint so that it doesn’t need to be redone in a couple of years.

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