• The Right Paint Job Can Make the Room Look More Spacious
When you purchase a home, you never know what you are going to get until you move in and if you find that your rooms are smaller than you expected them to be, you may want to consider ways to make them look bigger. The decorations, furniture, and even the paint that you use can easily make the room look more spacious; the latter is perhaps one of the easiest ways to add more depth and space to your rooms. Repainting is a lot cheaper than buying new furniture and if you keep a few tips in mind, you can easily make your rooms look bigger than they are in reality.

Some Important Tips to Keep in Mind

Painting to make the room look bigger can be successful if you keep certain tips in mind, including:

  • Lighter and Brighter: Choose light or very bright colors instead of dark or “muddy” colors; ice blue and light cream are perfect examples.
  • White or Off-White Molding: Painting trim in high-gloss paint in white or off-white makes your walls seem further away, which in turn adds depth and makes them look bigger.
  • Monochromatic Color Schemes: If you paint your walls, ceiling, and trim different shades of the same color, the space in the room automatically looks larger.
  • High-Quality Paints Are a Necessity: This may seem basic but if you use a high-quality paint instead of discount paints, the room that you are painting can easily look bigger and more spacious.

There are also certain colors that always make a room look bigger such as navy blue, light or dark grey, light teal, and terra cotta or brick-colored paint. Again, choosing high-quality name brands is always smart because the quality often isn’t there with lesser-known brands and the colors therefore look dull, which can make the room look even smaller if you are not careful.

Other Important Tips to Consider

When you are painting a room and wish to make it look bigger, don’t forget about the ceiling.  Just as with the rest of the room, choosing the right paint color for the ceiling can have a direct effect on the feel of the room. If you paint the ceiling white, especially if the walls are a lighter color such as yellow or pale blue, it will reflect the light, open up the room, and make the room look much bigger. Making the room look bigger works best if the color contrast between the ceiling and the walls is kept to a minimum. Bright blue walls and bright white ceilings won’t work as well as a pale yellow room with a white ceiling when it comes to making the room look bigger.

Painting to make the room look bigger is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to accomplish this goal and using the right shade combinations matters just as much as using the right colors. With just a little practice and learning a few simple “do”s and “don’t”s, you can become proficient at this task, resulting in a houseful of rooms that look big and spectacular.

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