• Pros and Cons to a Summer Painting Project
The summer is one of the most popular times for people to paint their houses. Painting your house during the summer offers you a few guarantees. For one, it will likely be warm enough to comfortably work around the house. Also, it will be a long day with a lot of sunlight, which allows you to work longer hours to get your house painted. Furthermore, the summer will offer you a lot of light so that you can easily see where the paint needs touching up and where it is too thick. However, there are some drawbacks to painting during the summer as well. Painting during the summer depends on your location and how quickly you can work.


The pros of working during the summer involve the amount of light and the amount of heat. A summer day is longer than days during the other three seasons, which means you have more time to get your painting project done. If you start early in the day, you could have twelve hours of sunlight to get your job finished, which is a lot of time to cover your entire house. Also, the amount of light will make brush strokes and roller marks much easier to see. If you’ve ever painting a large area before, you might have stepped back and seen all the glaring imperfections in the paint. The amount of summer sunlight will make that easier to see and correct.

Furthermore, the heat will dry the paint much faster. If you start and work quickly, you could even apply multiple coats on the same day. You only need to wait for the paint to dry to start the next coat. The paint will also dry quicker since the heat will warm up the paint can. Warming up the paint can will thin out the paint, which will make it roll on smoother, promote more even coats, and help it dry much faster. Such speed of paint drying can be a burden, though.


To dry properly, paint also needs to cure. Paint cures when there is some liquid still present during the drying process that will cause the different epoxies and emulsifiers to set. If the paint dries too quickly, it might cause the paint to not cure properly. Paint that is not cured properly can crack and chip. Also, if the paint dries too quickly, it can make different roller strokes look like different layers of paint since they’re drying at such different rates, which could make it difficult to apply even coats of paint.

In many areas, the summer is also most prone to sudden showers. If you live in an area that has frequent rain storms during the summer, the summer might be a difficult time to paint. These showers often hit during the middle of the day, and a strong rainstorm can wreak havoc on wet paint. If you do live somewhere with frequent summer showers, do everything you can to find a day that does not have rain in the weather forecast.

These are just a few pros and cons of a summer painting project.


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