• Concrete Patio Painting
Painting concrete does not have to be a big headache if you take the necessary precautions and go through the process step-by-step. Furthermore, painting something that is constantly exposed to the weather such as a patio does not have to be a huge project. First, you need to assemble all necessary tools; chefs in the kitchen call this technique mise en place.

Mise En Place

You need to put everything in its place for painting your patio. You will need to clean, paint, and seal the patio. So you will need a bucket, a mild detergent, and a brush with which to clean the patio. You’ll also need either a hose or another bucket to fill with clean water and wash away the soap.

Then you will need the paint itself, one that is rated for concrete and will be enough to cover your entire patio. You will also require rollers and a paint tray. If the patio connects directly to your house, you’ll need to purchase painter’s tape and drop cloths. Lastly, you will require another brush or roller with which to apply the sealant, as well as mineral spirits to clean your brushes. Once you have all of those supplies in place, you are ready to paint your patio.

Clean the Patio

Cleaning the patio is very important. You will need to make sure you use a mild detergent to clean away any dirt, oil, or stains. These will impede the paint’s ability to adhere as well as ruin the look of your new paint. Once you have cleaned the patio, wash away the soap completely. You will then need to wait until the concrete is completely dry before proceeding to the next step.

Paint the Patio

A long-handled paint roller would be the best tool to use so that you won’t have to stand on some part of the patio to reach every inch of it. Apply the paint in smooth continuous strokes in the same direction. Whichever direction you begin painting in, you should paint the entire coat in that direction. You should paint each coat with the same can of paint as well, which will help you avoid changing shades in the paint.

If you are not sure that you have enough paint in one can for an entire coat, go ahead and mix multiple cans together. Mix the entire cans so that you can get a consistent color, but don’t assume you will be able to mix them again in the same ratios to achieve the same shade.

Applying several thin coats is much more resilient than applying one thick coat. Many thin coats will make it more resistant to fading and less likely to chip. Follow the directions on the can for drying time between coats.


Lastly, you will apply a clear sealant to your patio. You should only do this after the paint is completely dry. Use a clean paint tray and roller to apply the sealant. Apply many coats, allowing the sealant to dry in between each coat. The more coats you add, the more resilient the finish will be.

That is a general guide for painting a concrete patio; the key is to be patient and methodical. Do not rush through these steps.

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