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What color should I paint my privacy fence?

Exterior paint comes in a variety of colors from white to beige to anything under the rainbow. When you want to choose a color to paint your privacy fence, there are many factors to consider. Here are five tips for choosing the right paint color for your fence.

Talk to HOA

If you live in a community with a homeowners’ association, you will want to refer to their rules on painting any part of the exterior of your home. They may limit colors to more traditional or neutral colors such as white, beige, or even medium green. Painting the fence a color they wouldn’t approve of could mean paying fines and fighting with the HOA, which may not be worth it over a paint color.

Consider Plans

If you’re considering selling your house, then you will want to choose a neutral or traditional color. Painting the fence a bold or bright color can turn off some home buyers and it may take much longer to sell your house. However, if you use a neutral or traditional color such as white, then it can give the house curb appeal and draw some potential buyers to it.

Talk to Neighbor

Since many fences are shared with neighbors, you may want to talk to them about painting the fence. If the fence is on your property, then you should do so as a courtesy and ask if they want their side painted. However, if they installed the fence, ask them about painting only the part that can be seen from your house and try not to get paint on their side of the fence if they give you permission to paint it.

Select a Complementary Color

When selecting a color for the privacy fence, try to choose one that complements your home. White will always be a good color selection because it can make the yard look fresh and tidy. However, there are choices other than white in which to paint a fence. There are colors such as a pastel blue, yellow, or dove gray that could complement or match the color of the house.

Consider the Neighborhood

Although it is your privacy fence and you don’t live in a HOA, you still want to consider the other homes in your neighborhood. If your house is a traditional color, selecting a bold or bright color may be too startling of a difference and may not go well with the other houses. If you really want a color other than white, try a pastel of the color you’re considering to soften it and make it more palatable to those who live near you.

Along with the best color for your home, you also need to choose the right paint so that it lasts for as long as possible. For a wooden fence, prime it with an acrylic primer and then paint it with an acrylic latex paint. For a metal fence such as wrought iron, use a metal primer and a glossy metal paint. By using these tips, you will choose the best color for your fence.

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